My VIP Experience

Four Season's Maui Cabanas

It was another warm and sunny day in beautiful Hawaii. I’d awakened after a wonderful night’s sleep at my favorite hotel.

And the best part about that day? Nothing planned.

Well, nothing except hanging out by the pool.

So I gathered my Kindle, sunglasses, sunscreen and headed over to the cabanas.

This day I picked a cabana that had a view of both the pool and ocean.

When I looked one way, I could see this gorgeous deep blue pool. I knew the water was warm and inviting.

When I looked over just a bit, I could see the beautiful beach and the slightly cooler, but still inviting ocean.

The scenery around me was stunning.
Cabana time in Hawaii

As I laid back and settled in, I noticed how pretty the cabana was. The sheer curtains surrounding it looked like shimmering silver. The chaise lounge I was resting on was soft and plush.

I settled in, and the most wonderful thing happened.

What was this most wonderful thing?

The VIP service kicked in.

VIP smoothieAmy, one of the very friendly staff members, offered me a free fresh-Hawaiian-fruit smoothie.

(I actually had two – one mango, one strawberry. So delicious, and very refreshing!)

About 15 minutes later, another bronzed-in-white-shorts cabana staff member, Michael, offered me (again free) bottled water, pastries and a power bar.

I was really enjoying this VIP service.Casey and Bob

But the most surprising part?

Amy came back about 30 minutes later.

Get this.

She offered to clean my sunglasses.

I am not kidding. Now THAT is VIP service.

And you know what?

I now want and expect that service often.

I will pay handsomely for it.

And I know I am not alone.

Wouldn’t you want to be providing this kind of high level and high income service to your clients? You know, the kind they say “I want that and will pay for it?”

VIP services can separate you from the other therapists in your area.

They can help you create more income, and help you break free of the dollars per hour model.

And yes, they can actually be fun to design, create, and deliver.

And, the biggest thing you may not realize? VIP services can often help your clients make progress much more quickly and much more happily than in the traditional one hour session increments.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience in therapy- where you’re really getting deep into the work with a client, they are sharing and integrating and making visible progress, and they have so much more to tell you and you want to do so much more with them and then- You see that the session time is up, and the momentum has to be tabled until next week.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can offer services in a VIP format, and be able to help your clients more, and more quickly.

VIP ServicesOk, so you may be saying to yourself, “Casey. This sounds good. But I don’t know the first thing about how to do this.”

Well, that’s good- because I do.

And, because I want to help you create more income with more fun, I’ve put together a no-cost learning series for you.

If you decide to join me for this free, no strings attached training, you’ll learn:

*What kinds of VIP services you could offer

*How to package these services in a client-friendly format

*How to price your VIP services (with lots of examples)

*How to explain your services so people say, “I want that!”

Yes! Get your free training nowAnd yes, for those of you are very serious about adding VIP services to your practice, I’ll be offering you a fast track way to do this. But that fast track is entirely optional.

This free learning series will give you what you need to add VIP services to your practice.

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Your clients want VIP experiences and will pay for them.

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