“The KEYS that took me from a slow trickle of clients to a 6 figure practice in a year”

Dear Therapist Colleague,

Are you confused about what it takes to get new, cash-paying referrals?

When I started, I really struggled to attract clients. I took a bunch of marketing programs and thought I was doing a lot of marketing – but the clients just barely trickled in. In fact it took me almost six years to make enough money in my practice to cover my expenses.

But when I landed on the key components that we all need in an effective marketing plan, the phone started ringing and I had a full caseload within a year.

And last April, I opened a new counseling center – in part to test what marketing strategies really do work. I . After implementing these tried and true methods, our new practice was profitable in under 5 months and is on track to hit 6 figures in our first year.

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* The three elements you need to get more clients via the internet and keep them coming – month after month.

* How to build your visibility and credibility in your community – fast.

My mission is to get this information to as many people as possible. You deserve to make a great living. And you must know how to do it in a way that is effective and that works for you!

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