Finally, a step-by-step business and marketing action plan to help you get more therapy clients!

Dear Therapist Colleague,

I know you are a caring therapist. I know you want to help people and to make a difference.

emptyBut it’s hard to make a difference when you don’t have enough clients. And looking at your empty appointment book and deserted waiting room doesn’t help.

You also love being in private practice. You just need more therapy clients. You want more people to know who you are and to be calling you.You want to connect with prospects and have them see YOU as the answer to their problems.

Hi, I am Casey Truffo and my team and I at Be A Wealthy Therapist have a proven, easy to follow, step-by-step program to attract more therapy clients to fill your calendar and waiting room.

More Therapy Clients:

Implement your personal and effective private practice marketing plan and get that appointment book filled!

with Casey Truffo and the Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team

home-therapist1Let’s help you get moving and gain traction toward those private practice goals! Let’s help you to have more confidence and less stress with this one-of-a-kind training, mentoring and accountability program.

Here are the goals for this program:

1. To teach you how to attract the right clients and how to begin to gain visibility, credibility and profitability.

2. To help you stay accountable so you do what you need to do to get that phone ringing!

3. To help you focus on what works to get clients – and take action to do so.

At the end of this program, if you participate and do the lessons and exercises, you will know exactly how to get MORE THERAPY CLIENTS.

Because my team and I are going to sit with you – side by side – and help you find your answers and take the steps to get your phone ringing.

In this program we will help you to create:

  • Clarity on your ideal client – what is in her head and heart and what she will pay for help with
  • Building referral relationships – connections with people in your community that can help spread the word about you and how you help people.
  • A speaking plan complete with a talk title and a process to get speaking engagements.
  • A networking process to make connecting with people easier – even for shy people
  • Client attractive content for your Website – so that YOU feel like the answer to your potential clients’ problems
  • Your personal intake call scripts so you convert more callers into clients!
  • A ‘money-wisdom’ set of procedures to help you keep from accidentally leaking money from your business.

This coaching program will be offered:



How does this 6-month program work?

Our success is in our curriculum and approach. The 6-month program consists of:



You will have access to 9 hours of Marketing Bootcamp audio recordings – which will be our teaching curriculum of this class — with step by step instructions to get your phone ringing. This is the nuts-and-bolts of HOW to attract clients into your practice.

You will learn more about how to choose your specialty, how to build an online and community marketing plan, and how to not accidentally leave money on the table. Each month you can take one or two of the Marketing Bootcamp Lessons and move forward building the plan to create the business you really want.

one-on-oneThen each month we will meet on the phone twice – two 50 minute group calls where Casey and her team will coach you through your stuck spots to attracting more therapy clients. This will help you stay ‘in action’ and accountable to your goals.

Here is how the group coaching works: Casey will share a ‘secret to success’ each week – helping you to grow your ‘CEO muscles’. Then the rest of the call will be individual laser coaching with 3 to 5 members of the group. You can volunteer to be coached on the call (first come first serve) or you can listen as others are coached – there is almost always something we can take away as we hear others being coached. We can also clarify any questions you have about the Marketing Bootcamp lessons or anything private-practice related.

You can also use the group calls to set goals for the month. The beauty of these twice a month group calls is that it helps you stay accountable – accountable to building the business you want and deserve. It can help you move forward motion and stay on track. Remember Newton’s third law, “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” Let us help you stay in motion – and to do so with a proven curriculum designed just for therapy business owners.

 Your More Therapy Clients Coaching Program Syllabus:

We will start with a pre-class questionnaire.  It will help you and us to identify your strengths and your goals for the programs. In setting your intention right from the start, you are letting the world know there is no stopping you.

180844476Here are some of what we will cover:

Know Your Ideal Clients’ Heart, Problems and How to Find Them

  • Learn how to get into the head and heart of your ideal client with an Empathy Map – and develop the language that they want and need to hear to know that YOU are the therapist they need.
  • Develop a list of how you can reach your ideal client based on what you now know from the empathy map.
  • Refine your Intake Call Script

146789416Community Marketing: Building Referral Relationships

  • Take what you learned about your ideal client and begin to connect with others who serve your ideal client or who know them. We are going to make this easy with specific actions you can take immediately.
  • Shy? No worries. Our structured suggestions will help you learn how to network easily with people you don’t know.

179242000Attract Clients with Speaking

  • Imagine: Speaking to a room full of ideal clients who want more help. There is no more efficient way of reaching prospects. We will teach you how to get speaking engagements and how to deliver presentations easier than you ever thought possible.
  • Learn a simple process to convert 10% to 50% of those audience members into cash-paying clients

72541429How to Write a Client-Attracting Website

  • Take what you learned about your ideal client and write client-attracting home page text (copy) with our easy to follow outline. We will also show you how to write your copy for your About, Contact, and FAQs page.
  • Avoid the common mistakes that many new to online marketing make with their websites

152179507Money Wisdom

  • Clarify your Money Polices (Fee Setting, Negotiating, Collecting as well as your Cancellation and Rescheduling policies.)
  • Decide right now that you want a profitable business – with the systems to make that a reality.)

166668167Put it all together

  • Complete and review your next goals and actions with your ‘NEXT 6 months marketing plan’
  • Make sure you are doing your self-care so that you keep energized!



Bonus Lesson: How to Ethically Keep Clients As Long As They Need to Be in Treatment (So That Everyone Wins.)




As you move through this six month program, you’ll be developing the mindset, confidence, and skills to grow your new private practice.

We fully expect that if you commit yourself to the program, do everything we tell you, and take part in the Q&A calls and coaching, you will have everything you need to attract clients and retain them.

Summary: Here is what you get with the More Therapy Clients program

Here are the details:

1. Two  Monthly Laser Group Coaching Calls – with additional training and Q&A time. In these 50 minute group calls over the phone and Internet to stay on course and to help personalize what you are learning to YOUR business.

2. A private facebook group to connect with your colleagues on this journey. Share your successes. Get support quickly when you need it. A participant in our facebook group recently said …such a lovefest. Every business owner should have such a wonderful village to support their dream.” 

3. Access to 10 hours of Marketing Bootcamp recordings which will serve as the curriculum giving you more detail on the step by step marketing action steps.

DSC_5474But wait! There is more! Get Your Tech Questions Answered!

Every six weeks for 60 minutes, our Tech Coach Rachna Jain, author of Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us will be standing by via phone or internet for laser coaching on tech issues. We call these “Tech Coach Office Hours” and you can show up and ask for 15 minutes of ‘Help me with this tech problem!‘ coaching.


Is the More Therapy Clients Program right for you?

This program is for those ready to attract more clients
and enjoy a bigger, more consistent caseload.

Not all programs are right for every person. If you don’t have an office yet, then we invite you to get that first.

This program is specifically for those who want to give their marketing a boost. The ideal participant for this program is ready to go ‘all in’ with our proven knowledge, system, and support to make that private practice dream a reality. Our goal is to help you stay motivated, have complete information, and get the support you need to really have the successful practice you deserve.

If you already have enough clients (or are looking for new, leveraged ways to use your therapy skills and make more income), then this isn’t the right program for you. But we have other programs for more advanced therapy business owners – please reach out and let us share what we have in store for YOU!


Okay, I know you are wondering how much this will be, right? Okay here it is:

The program is a six month program. We will be starting in May so you can get started right way.

The investment is $397 per month for the duration of the six month program for a total program investment of $2,382. (Or pay in one payment of $2110 and save $272)

Now think about that for a moment. If an average client spends $1500 with you, just two new clients will more than pay for this six month coaching program. And my intention is that you learn strong therapy business marketing and management principles that will help you create and sustain a consistent, full practice over the years to come.

What if I change my mind?

Please note this is not a ‘drop-in, monthly group.’ This group is for those ready to commit to six months of ‘going for it’ here in the More Therapy Clients program. We invite you to ask any questions up front to ensure this is the right program for you. It is normal to get nervous when taking a big leap to grow your business. And sometimes that nervousness causes us to rethink our dreams. We want to hold you accountable to the goal you set – to grow your business. So we do not offer refunds and exits-from-the-program early. Please know you are committing to these 6 months. And know that we will be there open-hearted and full of support, and practical tips when you need us. Again if you have questions if this is the right program for you, let’s get them answered early.

When and Where? We start soon – second week in May 2015


Over the phone and internet More Therapy Clients group program with Casey Truffo and the Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist Coaches:

Group meetings will be held on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 1p.m. Pacific/4pm Eastern from your home or office starting May 11, 2015 (except during holiday weeks  where we meet on a Tuesday – Memorial Day for example) All group meetings will be recording if you cannot make them live.

Are you ready to join us in this one-of-a-kind group training, coaching and networking program?

casey-emeraldWe would LOVE to have you in this program. We are quite honestly tired of therapists only scraping by. You deserve to be successful, make a handsome living, help more people and make a bigger difference in the world.

So, please reserve your seat by registering below. Then we will offer you a no-charge conversation with Be a Wealthy Therapist Head Coach Casey Truffo to answer any remaining questions you have and to help you understand the next steps.

After completing your registration and payment below, you will complete an application form so we get to know you better, and then you’ll get a link to Casey’s calendar.

If you’re tired of struggling and wondering how you’ll build your private practice, and, instead, want support, accountability, and structure to build your practice, please get started with MORE THERAPY CLIENTS.

It might very well be the turning point for your private practice.

Here are your next steps:

1. Reserve your seat and pay for the first month of the program:




2. Fill out the program application form. (This step will be available immediately after purchase)

3. After you do so, you will get a link to Casey’s calendar where you can make an appointment for your strategy session with Casey.

Then Casey will learn about you, your goals and help you to get started.

Wondering if this program is a good fit for you?

If you aren’t sure if this is for you or have other questions about it,  click here to have a conversation with Coach Casey. You can schedule an appointment right there on her calendar.

I am very excited about this program and we want to help you get your next 5 to 10 clients. I hope you will join us.

To your success,

Casey and the team