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beawealthytherapistAs you know, one of the most important concepts to me is being a Wealthy Therapist – after all, I named my company BeAWealthyTherapist, right? Though something that I like to make clear is that being wealthy is not only about money. Yes, making money is important. And, of course, having more money is even more important when it feels like there isn’t enough.

Though psychology research shows that, after a certain point, money does not link to greater ongoing feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

This is where the other definitions of Being Wealthy come in. You see, I believe that it is possible to make more money, have more time off, and enjoy a fulfilling life and practice.

You simply have to know how to be a therapy business owner, not just a therapist. Whether you are practicing individually, or in a group, the biggest mindset shift you can make is realizing that your therapy practice is a business- and you, as the owner of that practice, are a business owner. This means you are responsible for the health of that business.

When you truly step into realizing that you are a therapy business owner, it makes certain decisions easier. When you realize that the financial health of your business depends on consistent and effective marketing, you are more likely to do the marketing you need to do. When you realize that sliding your fee for people who don’t need it means less money in your pocket (and therefore has a negative impact on you and your family), you begin to find other ways to work with people to help them.

When you are tired of butt-in-chair hours, and are looking for new income streams to add to your business, you want to do this thoughtfully, strategically with an eye toward maintaining the health of your business.

This is why I invite you to join me for this year’s More Income For YOU event. This is the only training event of its kind that helps therapists become better business owners.

You’ll not only learn new ways to keep more profit in your business, you’ll also learn new ways to generate more income, using your existing therapy skills.

You’ll learn how to get more done without working more hours. You’ll learn how to make yourself stand out in a crowded sea of other therapists.

Mostly, though, you’ll learn how to create a profitable and fulfilling therapy business that makes you happy, satisfied and contented – and allows you to make the impact that you want in the world.

That’s truly what being a wealthy therapist is all about.

Our in-room seats are going fast, so I encourage you to join us while there are seats still available!

Learn more and register here:

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