Meet Our Elite Coaching Team

Our Be a Wealthy Therapist Coaching Team is here to help.

Over the past 15 years, I have gathered the most successful therapists and brought them together to teach and coach you to the business you deserve and desire. After working with tens of thousands of therapists, we have created a system designed to help you become a confident CEO of your therapy business – attracting and serving clients with ease.

So if you are tired of spinning your wheels…if you are ready to go for it and get the business that is waiting for you, our team wants to help. Each member of our team is both well-versed in our proven, Be A Wealthy Therapist method of Confident therapy business CEO skills training – with strong client attraction strategies and operations skills. We will even help you understand profit and how you can be more profitable! Practice full? Let us help you serve more people than you ever could by yourself – build a business by adding clinicians.

Introducing the Be A Wealthy Therapist Team of Elite Coaches:

supercropHelen Odessky: “Move Past the Anxiety and Get The Clients You want!”

As a psychologist in private practice in Chicago, Il., Helen has developed a process to reduce (if not cure) panic attacks. As you can imagine (and with her marketing), she is in high demand!

Since anxiety is her specialty, she is the perfect Be a Wealthy Therapist Elite Coach if you find yourself procrastinating or worrying about marketing. Helen’s mission is to help other health professionals in private practice to start and grow their practices. A key strategy is helping practitioners overcoming their fear blocks, so that developing, and implementing a comprehensive plan is faster and easier. Helen also helps more senior clinicians with adding clinicians to their practice to generate more income and attracting more clients for their counseling centers.

One thing you may not know about Helen is that she has completed The Second City’s training in Improvisation.

AriePicTallerArie Schwartzman: “You can do it! This program works – let me show you how to attract more clients from your community.”

When he was new in private practice, many years ago, Arie purchased the self study course and then had a VIP day with Casey.

Today, Arie has a stress reduction private practice and helps thousands of people AriePicTaller2each year to reduce stress in order to be healthy and successful. He is one of the most-sought after coaches in his area. CEOs routinely call him to give workshops or to personally help them. He has the unique expertise of getting ‘a foot in the door’ into companies.

A very important part of Arie´s mission is to help other independent professionals to discover and practice powerful ways to promote their work and become known in their communities.

One of the key strategies that Arie teaches at the Be A Wealthy Therapist coaching programs is how to use public speaking to attract cash paying clients.

One thing you might not know about Arie is that he loves salsa dancing.

Stacy PerkinsStacy Perkins: “Getting the the practice you want is possible! Let’s start building.”

Stacy loves working with those new to marketing their private practice! She brings a wealth of practice building experience and is keenly aware that an organized, thoughtful, practical marketing plan is a key to success. So if you are new to private practice marketing, consider letting Stacy help you sort through all the ideas and help you develop a consistent, effective plan. Then, Stacy will help you to take step-by-step, focused action – and adjust your plan as necessary. She can help manage your efforts so you are focusing on what works rather than what is ‘trendy.’

When asked what she loves to do in her leisure time, Stacy says, “I love to travel and explore new places. I have been to 4 continents and all but 10 states in the US.”

So if you are ready to build that practice with ideal clients – and are new to marketing, let Stacy help you “get building!”

JennyGlick-002_rt8x-sqJenny Glick: “Let me help you get on the road to success!”

Jenny loves sharing her enthusiasm for private practice with other therapists! A natural teacher and encourager, Jenny guides clinicians to growing the private practice of their dreams…private practices that are rewarding, fulfilling, AND profitable.

Jenny is another success story of the Be A Wealthy Therapist program as it transformed her hobby practice into a thriving business in Denver, Colorado. Jenny’s motto: Network, Network, Network. Building relationships with other clinicians, business owners, and professionals has proven to be a great method for Jenny to grow the profitable practice that she dreamed of for years.

When she is not enjoying a cup of tea with a new friend (read: networking), Jenny can be found rock climbing or telemark skiing in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains with her husband and son.

If you are ready to feel the enthusiasm and excitement of growing the business that you long for, let Jenny help you get on the road to success!

Jyl Scott-Regan: coming soon!

Casey TruffoCasey Truffo: “What is next for you? Let’s Increase Your Impact and Income”

Casey started Be A Wealthy Therapist ‘back in the day’ and loves seeing how many successful private practitioners there are practicing their gifts around the world. This is a mission of love for her.

Clients who choose Casey as their coach have been successful in private practice and are searching for the ‘what is next?’ – such as offering VIP services or adding clinicians to a full practice. Casey’s ‘super-power’ is helping people get out of their own way – because then…well, miracles can happen.

We love to share “One thing you may not know about me..” Hmmm.. Did you know I was once a Pro-Am Ballroom dance champion? I ranked 6th in California.


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