Make it Easy for Your Clients (and Yourself!)

Concept of teamwork

One of the themes I noticed in this year’s conference was a feeling of complexity and heaviness around the way that therapists are building their therapy businesses.

They are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded- with a lot of questions- and (it feels) like too few answers.

While it’s difficult to distill an entire conference into just a few “take-aways”- I wanted to give it a try.

So here we go:

1)  Make it easy for your clients to begin working with you.  If you think about the client journey, which is how I describe the process of a client contacting you, all the way through working with you, you want to make it as easy as you can to begin working with a client.

Examine your intake process- from the time a new client calls until they come to your first session. Are you making it easy for them to get started? Or does your intake process make it easier for YOU- and not them? For example, if you don’t call a potential client back because you want to “seem important and busy”- who is being helped by that decision? If you ask a client to complete a lengthy intake questionnaire BEFORE they ever meet you, who is being served by that? It’s important to examine your intake process with a discerning eye, because friction here will decrease the likelihood that the client begins working with you.

2)  Start where you are, doing what you can. If you are overwhelmed with running your business, start simple. Even just getting your notes on time and your billing done will be an important first step. If you have your notes and billing done, what about taking a look at your office policies? If you don’t have any, start making some. My book, From Clinician to Confident CEO, can help you with this.

3)  Get help when you need it. In my many years of working with thousands of therapists, we’ve developed a step-by-step approach to helping therapists build more profitable businesses, without burning out. We offer the only business building program for therapists that has been created by therapists. I’m gratified that we have a 96% client satisfaction rate, and a 80% renewal rate in our yearly mentorship programs. We are here to help you overcome whatever is holding you back from building the private practice you really want. Contact us when you realize you need help, and don’t want to do this on your own anymore.

I’ll be sharing more lessons over the next few newsletters. In the meantime, how can you make it easier for your clients and easier for yourself?

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