Limiting Beliefs and Why They Matter

If you’ve been following my teachings for a while, you know I’ve been speaking about the 5 ingredients of a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Therapy Business.

In case you wanted a refresher, this graphic illustrates the ingredients:

Be a Wealthy Therapist
As you can see, one of the ingredients is PERSPECTIVE.

Perspective is the global view you have on the world- and it has HUGE impact on how you grow your therapy business.

Do you ever think thoughts like these?

  • “No one will pay my full fee.”
  • “I am not good with money.”
  • “It is selfish (or I am greedy) if I want to make a lot of money.
  • “I am a therapist. I am supposed to help people – not charge them. I am making money off of people’s pain.”
  • “I am a good ‘insurance’ therapist but I don’t know that I could really offer private pay services.”
  • “Who am I to want to be successful?”
  • “I am afraid to put myself out there because I might be rejected.” (I find these same people also have this belief: “If I put myself out there, too many people will want me and I will be too busy.” Interesting juxtaposition, right?)
  • “There is never enough (time, money, love).”
  • “I can’t do this.”
  • “No therapy clients will come during the day and I don’t want to work nights.”

It’s OK if you do- most of us have thoughts like these- until we learn how NOT to.

Perspective is really the approach you take to moving forward. If your perspective is that you don’t deserve to make money, or that you’ll be criticized if you become successful, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t do what you need to do to be successful. We’re all familiar with the concept of self-sabotage, right? Self sabotage is a clear example of a situation in which limiting beliefs (and they might be hidden or even unconscious) are running the show.

Contrast that to someone who has worked on his or her limiting beliefs, and is approaching practice building from a positive and confident stance. Because this person believes in him or herself, and has shifted their beliefs, they do what’s necessary to get the results they want.

If you find yourself feeling tired, stuck, or overwhelmed whenever you try to move forward with building your business, you probably have some limiting beliefs that are getting in the way.

If you have my book From Clinician to Confident CEO, read chapter 20 (page 247) for suggestions on how to overcome these limiting beliefs.

You can also join me for our no-charge monthly Village calls, where I explore this topic in more depth and give you some ways to move past your limiting beliefs.

Create a new perspective, and you create more success.

2 Responses to Limiting Beliefs and Why They Matter

  1. Cheryl Wells says:

    This is simply amazing!!! Thanks for already making such a difference in my life!!!!!

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