Just Because You’re a Clinician Doesn’t Mean You’re a Business Owner

Young business woman working with computer isolated on white background.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the coaching and mentoring work I do is the contrast therapists live within related to therapy vs. business building.

Here’s what I mean.

They readily buy books, attend workshops, and consult with each other to raise and improve their therapeutic skill level.

Yet, so few of them actively seek to raise their business skill level.

So what you end up with (and this might sound familiar), is a highly trained and credentialed clinician who can’t put their skills to good enough use- because they don’t know how to bring clients in the door.

Essentially, they’ve spent hundreds of hours accruing training that they can’t use fully, because they’ve missed out on the very important business building skills they also need. So they know how to do all kinds of therapy- but they don’t have anyone (or enough someones) to do this work with.

This is like trying to make a circle roll when half of it is missing. (It won’t go very far.)

Now, more than ever, therapists need to be strong clinicians- and strong business owners.

You can’t create a profitable and sustainable practice with only strong clinical skills.

You have to be concerned about the financial aspects of your practice, the big picture strategy, the day to day operations, and customer service if you want to build a practice that grows and lasts.

I want you to have the business skills you need to succeed and thrive.

This is why I really, really want you to join me for this year’s More Income For YOU! Conference. In just three days together, I’ll give you a new way of thinking about your practice- from the perspective of a clinician-business owner. This is like a three day business skills bootcamp- and you’ll come out a wiser and more confident business owner.

You can register at http://MoreIncomeForTherapists.com– and if you do this by THIS TUESDAY August 11, you will be entered to win one of two (3 hour) VIP coaching days– so you can meet with one of my Elite coaches and set up an implementation plan from what you learn from this event.

If you feel you’ve been working too hard without seeing results, or you are just getting started and want to be sure you build your practice on a solid foundation- please do join me for this conference. What you learn in these three days has the potential to significantly improve your practice.

I can’t wait to see you there. Get your ticket now: http://MoreIncomeforTherapists.com

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