Is Your Therapy Business a Leaky Bucket?

Be a Wealthy Therapist

When I was young, I used to love going to the beach. One of my favorite things was to play in the sand, near the water’s edge, and to build sandcastles with my bright pink bucket. I would carefully scoop up the wet sand, pat it down carefully, and then upend the bucket onto the ground, so I could make the first part of my sandcastle.

I’d repeat this over, and over, and eventually, I would have a full and complete sandcastle.

It was one of my favorite things to do at the beach.

One day, though, I went to the beach with my aunt and uncle. My aunt pulled out my trusty pink bucket, but it accidentally got caught in the beach cart- and when she tugged it free, it had a little tear in the side.

It worked fine on that trip. And on two others.

But, by the fourth trip after, the heavy wet sand had started making that tiny tear into a real hole.

Since I was only about four at the time, I didn’t know why my sandcastles weren’t turning out right anymore, but I did see that the water and sand were sliding out of the side, and my sandcastle towers had weird bulging lumps on the side.

So why am I telling you this story now?

It’s because many of you- too many of you- are building your therapy businesses with ripped or torn buckets. You are working too many hours for too little pay, and are feeling resentful and burnt out.

Do you know why this is?

I do.

It’s because you don’t have systems in place to make your therapy business easier. You are, each day, recreating the wheel, over and over- or, using the leaky bucket analogy- are furiously trying to fill a bucket that has holes. All the water drains out (and you might get weird bulges too.)

I bring this up because I really want you to take a serious look at our newest class- Therapy Business Essentials.

This class was created because I want to teach you the SYSTEMS of being a therapy business owner. I want to show you where you are running yourself ragged when you don’t need to be. I want to help you start thinking like a CEO instead of just a therapist.

I want you to STOP trying to build something beautiful with broken tools.

If your therapy business is feeling more difficult to run than you think it should be, please take a look at this class:

We start March 30. And there are special bonuses if you’re among the first 25 people to register.

Here are a few questions I’ve received about the program so far:

Q: I will be away, are the classes recorded?
A: Yes, they will be.

Q: I will be unable to make the classes live. How do I ask questions when I have them?
A: Email them in and I’ll either email you back or address them on the next call.

Q: Will you be recommending specific software in this class?
A: That is not the focus of this class. I will be training you in how to create the Operations Manual for your business. When you have this in place, your choice of software becomes easy- because you know the underlying systems you need to run your business effectively.

Q: What if I am too busy?
A: What is more important than building your business on a stable foundation?

Q: Will you offer this again?
A: I am not sure yet.

Q: Can I pay now and take the class at a later time?
A.  Unfortunately, no. I’m not sure yet if I will offer this class again. If I do, it will be for a higher price.

I want you to learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Join me for Therapy Business Essentials– we start March 30.

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