Is Your Business Ready to Grow?


In my work with thousands of therapists through the length of my career, I’ve seen, again and again, that we, as business owners, have to be ready to grow our businesses before our businesses will actually grow.

That might seem circular, but let me explain.

All the most profitable and sustainable therapy businesses are built when there is a balance between the five roles of clinical practice ownership: Clinician, Marketer, Operations, Finance, and Visionary.

Most of you are most familiar with, and most comfortable with, the clinician role. Fewer of you are comfortable with the other roles; and it takes a lot of personal growth to become masterful at all the roles.

Do you ever wonder what is holding back your practice growth?

I’ve put together a 20 question quiz to help you figure this out.

You can take that quiz here:

Why not take a few minutes and fill it out now, and then come back to the rest of this article- it will make more sense if you do.

Ok, back?

Were the results surprising to you? Could you see definite areas where you could be living into all four of your roles better than you are?

(Most of us could be.)

The biggest mistake I see therapists making is that they focus too heavily on just one role (Clinician) and neglect the others. It’s an easy error to make, but can require some effort to fix.

Yet the benefits of more comfortably wearing the other roles in your business are that you can create a business that runs well and is profitable.

If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, I would strongly suggest you do:

And then-

Now that you’ve identified what is keeping your business from growing, would you like to talk with me about what you can do about it?

I’ve set aside just a few business assessment sessions- directly with me- where we’ll meet by phone for 30 minutes and review your current business, what’s blocking you from growing, and I’ll give you a couple of suggestions for moving past your blocks so you can know, with 100% certainty, what you should be doing next.

My time is very limited, especially as I continue to plan for the More Income For YOU Conference coming up in October; so I only have 10 spaces available for these focused and customized assessment meetings.

If you’d like one of these 10 spaces to talk with me about your business, get the details and sign up here:

How will your business grow? Let me help you figure it out!

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