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1) I know exactly how much I spend each month to support my lifestyle.
2) I have money set aside in savings for my personal life and my business life.
3) I know exactly how much money I must earn each month to run my business.
4) I feel positive about my practice and its growth.
5) I feel relaxed when I pay bills or write checks for my expenses.
6) I have money left over after I pay my expenses.
7) I set aside time regularly to think about the future direction and vision for my business.
8) I have enough money, time, and energy to pursue my dreams and goals.
9) I have a written marketing plan and I implement it regularly.
10) I feel good about what I charge.
11) I’m confident when I state my fee.
12) I have clear and well defined office policies that I use to run my practice.
13) I regularly reach my income goals.
14) I feel confident that I can make as much money as I would like.
15) I am confident in my ability to turn callers into clients.
16) I'm up to date on my therapy notes and billing.
17) I love my office space and feel proud to have clients come to treatment there.
18) I am clear on the direction I want my business to go, and clear on what I need to do to get it there.
19) I have a good sense of support and structure in my practice building efforts.
20) I live and work how I like.

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