Know you need to spend more time
marketing, but never seem to find the time?

We Can Help You Complete Your Marketing…
and Get More Done, Easily!

Dear Therapist-Colleague,

One of the challenges we therapists face is finding time to market our practices. Like most small businesses, it’s very easy for us to get stuck in a cycle of “client-chasing” rather than “client-attraction.” What’s the difference?

Businesswoman using laptop and  on her office tableClient-chasing is when you suddenly realize your once-full calendar isn’t as full anymore, and so you try to fill your empty hours as fast as you can. Once you are full, you stop marketing, and then again, some months later, you scramble again to fill your hours. This is a stressful and unsustainable way to build a private practice.

Client-attractive, on the other hand, is when you have marketing systems and processes set up that keep working for you, all the time, bringing you a steady stream of referrals and client inquiries.

Doesn’t that sound much better?

To me too. Yet, I know, as a business owner myself, that it can be very difficult to step away from your business long enough to put these systems in place.

But what if you could do this on a regular and consistent basis? Can you imagine how much you could get done?

In just one day a month- one day of clear, focused, and directed effort- you might be able to reach out for speaking engagements, write your website copy, start outlining your policies and procedures manual, or building your rack cards – or anything else, really. 6 hours of invested energy can make a lot of things move.

What if you could do all this with the support and structure of a guided coaching environment, led by one of my Be A Wealthy Therapist Elite Coaches?


The Be A Wealthy Therapist Integrity Coaching Days

Give us one day a month, and we’ll help you get lots more done…

The Be A Wealthy Therapist Integrity Coaching Days are designed to help you focus, and achieve, within a 6 hour day.

How do they work?

Well, at the start of the day, you meet with other therapist-colleagues and your Elite coach on a shared conference line. Everyone sets a goal that they will work on for the next specific period of time.  You share this with the group, so you can be accountable and also receive support.

You’re usually on the phone between 15-30 minutes. Then, when you hang up, you turn off all distractions and get to work on whatever you agreed you would do.

Then, after the specified time has passed, you call back into the shared conference line again and report on your progress. If all has gone well, you set goals for the next work block. If you haven’t accomplished as much as you’ve hoped, your Elite coach will help you get back on track.

Then, again, you hang up the phone and get back to work.

This repeats another two times in the day, ending with virtual celebrations and virtual champagne for what you achieved that day. We repeat this full Integrity day once a month for a total of three months.


Here’s what the schedule looks like:

146789416Pre-call #1:

We send you tips and information on how to prepare.

9am: Call #1:

Introduction on how this will work, and each participant shares what they will work on for the next hour.

10am: Call #2:

Update on what you worked on, and celebration and goal setting for next work period.

12pm: Call #3:

Update on what you worked on, and celebration and goal setting for the next work period.

3pm: Call 4#:

Update on what you worked on, and how to prepare for the next Integrity day (what you can get done between now and then.)


Stop Your Bright, Shiny Object Syndrome


One thing I know is that we therapists love ideas. We love to learn new things and try out new technologies. The problem is that sometimes we put in a lot of time, but don’t have a lot to show for it at the end.

  Leveraging time and expertise to make more money is a fun and worthy goalHas this ever happened to you?

You sit down at 8am, ready to outline your speaking presentation.

You can’t stand starting at the blank PowerPoint presentation, so you decide to check your email.

Something in there reminds you that you don’t know what’s happening in the world, so you switch over to CNN and catch up on the world news.

And then, all of a sudden, it’s lunchtime- and you haven’t gotten anything really productive done.

You’ve spent all morning chasing ideas.

Yet, really- you need to stop chasing bright ideas and actually do the things we know that work.


Integrity Days Work

These Integrity days have so far only been offered to our high-level Ruby and Emerald Clients.

Because they’ve had such good results, I decided to open them up to you, my cherished community, as well.


The Integrity Days program is a 3 month program. You must plan to commit to the entire 3 months. We’ll meet these days:

Friday July 17
Friday August 7
Friday September 18

 And you’ll want to block out the day- fully- from appointments, sessions, and clients. You need to be fully focused here in order to get the best results.

Your investment is just $99 per month for one full integrity day per month.

Not sure what you’ll work on? Don’t worry. If you’re not sure what you’d work on, you can submit a request to us and we’ll help you get some ideas in place so you can start your integrity day with your goals in place.

Past participants in the Integrity Days have completed goals like:

  • Streamlining their paperwork and intake systems;
  • Creating new speaking presentations;
  • Clearing their desks and storage rooms of clutter;
  • Made client reactivation calls;
  • Wrote overdue notes;
  • Reviewed their P&L’s and caught up on billing;
  • Created their rack cards;
  • Contacted new networking and referral sources;
  • Wrote job descriptions and job ads for associate clinicians.

As past participants have shared “Working ON my business helped me to see how important this is. I accomplished so much in this day and look forward to the next one!”

Isn’t it your turn?

Join us for the next session of Be A Wealthy Therapist Integrity Days.

$99 a month for 3 Months (Total Investment $297)


As always, your mission is my success,

I believe in you.


I believe in you.

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