“I cannot attract any clients”

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A couple of weeks ago, I sent out an email asking why some people they were not coming to our live event.

More Income for YOU! – a 3-day live event on all things private practice – is one of the best investments in your business – costing less than $11 an hour for 3-days of training. (And you can watch from home at your own time so no travel costs involved.)

The responses I got broke my heart. Here are a few:

I don’t think that people really want help. I have not been able to attract clients.

I am not coming to the conference because I can’t afford it.  We are almost homeless.

My clients owe me over $15,000 and since they haven’t paid me, I cannot pay for your conference.

As someone who holds the vision of eradicating poverty among psychotherapists, comments like these really break my heart.

I know that therapists love helping people. And there are a number of venues to help people – agencies, government, hospitals, and jails. Oh and private practice.

What makes private practice different is the risk of entrepreneurship. No longer are we full-time clinicians but we are full time entrepreneurs who own therapy businesses. And those businesses need fuel in the form of clients – and cash – and hopefully clients that pay you cash!

So if private practice is the goal – along with freedom comes effort and responsibility. Just as we put our heart and effort into helping clients, we must put our heart and effort into helping the business.

And, as many of these people said in their emails, that is perhaps easier said than done.

But that is why we want to share with you what we know works to build your therapy practice. We know this stuff – we have over a dozen years experience helping people be successful.

Because if you are willing to take the risk of business ownership – and put in the effort to make it work, we want to show you how to have a financially healthy and sustainable business with as much effectiveness and ease as possible.

If private practice success is your goal, we invite you to join us at More Income for YOU! – from your home or office for only $197 – where our goal is to show you how to have more income, energy and ease.

You deserve to stop working so hard for not enough money. And we want to help.

It is why we are here.

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