How Well Do You Receive Help?


I have been thinking about this topic for a while, the idea of how easy it is for me (or not) to accept help. Generally, I’m most comfortable being self-sufficient- but I am gaining in my skills and capacity to accept help. It’s been wonderful to feel more supported- and to let myself feel more supported.

Accepting help is one of the themes I explore with my therapist-clients, too- and most of them (not surprisingly) have an uneasy relationship with receiving help as well.

I think this probably stems from history and experience- we talk about the idea that people become therapists because of life circumstances- most of us weren’t born that way. 🙂

I see challenges around accepting help when clients come to sessions and feel they should be further along than they are. I hear it on classes, when people ask for my help and negate a lot of what I offer. I see it in speaking events, when attendees want some information but argue with me about why what I’m saying won’t possibly work.

It seems that while we can sometimes really, really want help – it’s difficult to accept. Why is that, do you think? Maybe it makes us feel less competent? Vulnerable? Dependent?

Yet the flip-side of this is that, too often, therapists wait too long to seek out the business help they need. They suffer, week after week, from not enough clients and not enough money, and from working too hard and teetering on the edge of burnout.

This is why I’m so passionate about our coaching and mentoring programs- they are designed to help you in just the right way, at just the right time. We offer the only business mentoring programs of our kind- specifically for therapists. Our clients stay with us for years- mainly because we help their practices grow, and help them become the CEO’s they want to be.

If you’re tired of doing it all alone- and want a better way- let us help you.

Learn more at – it just takes one click and a simple application to get the support you really need.

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