How to Make a Good Impression With Your Website

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There are many factors which go into making a good impression with your website. I’ll share a few here, and then more in our upcoming Website copy class.

The first factor is that your website should be visually pleasing.
Use a good color palette that works well together.

The second factor is your site headline. Your site headline should speak to the one main problem your clients have, that would lead them to seek out therapy.

The third factor is using easy to understand language. If you are offering talk therapy, your client wants to be sure he/she can talk with you. If your website language is formal, overly technical, or filled with jargon, you are, accidentally sending the message that you will not be easy to connect with and communicate with.

The fourth factor is making it easy for clients to contact you and to book a session.
If a client decides they want to be in touch, make it easy for them to do.

There are many things you can do to make a good impression in that first 4 seconds, increasing the chance that a client seeking treatment will choose to contact you.

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