How to Improve Your Cash Flow and Client Flow

This year’s More Income for YOU! conference saw me unveiling the 5 steps to Becoming a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Therapist. Now, these concepts are ones I’ve been teaching for years- but this was the first time that they came together in an easy-to-understand graphic.



If you look at this graphic closely, you’ll see that the first stage in this process  is to clean up your money. This means that you want to create and adhere to policies around fee collection, late cancellations, and no-shows. Simply by having better money policies in place, you can make $5,000 or more per year. So you must clean up your money management practices if you want to have more cash flow.

The next step of the process is Strategy, and that relates to having a plan for marketing your practice. We focus a lot on using the Empathy map as a tool to help you build your strategic marketing plan. The Empathy map is the basis of all your marketing.

Only after you have a strategy is it time to move into Creation, which is actually making your plan.

Each of these steps is crucial for building a stable and profitable therapy business.

If your practice is currently half full, or less, and you want more clients- this next part will be very important for you.

Because December is almost here, and because I want you to start 2015 on a high note, I’m running a special edition Marketing Bootcamp December 1 – December 12.

Work with me, personally, for these 10 days to build your strategic marketing plan to make 2015 more profitable than 2014 has been.

Remember, the only differences between a profitable practice and one that is not as profitable are cash flow management and client inflow.

Let me help you with both: 10 days in December to set the path for a better 2015.

Learn more and register here!

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