How to Choose the Right Mentoring Program For You

Be A Wealthy Therapist

Investing in mentoring and coaching is a choice most successful entrepreneurs make. Most of us, and perhaps even therapists especially, did not grow up in business, and we never learned some of the things we needed to know.

This means that when we begin our private practices, we’re starting off at a bit of a disadvantage. We don’t know about things like profit and loss, we don’t know how much we need to earn in order to afford our lifestyle, and we can easily get pulled into spending a lot of money on hiring people to do things for us.

We don’t have a good framework to make decisions, so we “fly by the seat of our pants” and hope everything turns out for the best.

Sometimes it does, of course. But often it doesn’t.

So when you’re thinking about choosing a mentoring program, there are several key things you should look for:

#1) Is this the right time for you to invest in your business right now? Can you make business building an important priority?

While, of course, business building is not the only thing you need to do, if you are investing in mentoring, business building should be a primary focus. If you are experiencing health issues, or dramatic lifestyle changes (i.e. birth of a child, change in relationship status, moving house)- you might be better off waiting until your health is better and the changes have stabilized. This is only because it’s very difficult to have good results when you’re scattered in too many directions in your life.

If, however, you are focused on business building and feel scattered in too many directions there- feeling confused about what to do, or having difficulty with motivation or taking action, coaching is a fantastic way to get unstuck.

#2) Does the program offer a history of results for therapists?

This is important, because if you are going to invest time and money, you want to invest in a program that has a proven record of client success. I’m happy to say our programs do. The other aspect of this is working with a mentor or coach who runs a successful private practice him or herself. This offers a specific type of knowledge and insight that general business building coaching can’t always provide.

Believe me, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching. And the most impactful coaching has been from those coaches who have had private practice experience and know about building a private practice.

#3) Is the program long enough to give me time to change?

Sometimes, therapists inquire if they can seek coaching for just a few sessions or just a month or two. Generally, I decline these requests. Why? Because coaching is an inside-out change process (a lot like therapy). It takes time, continuity, and structure to make lasting changes. I want you to have real success that lasts- and that’s why our programs are designed in the way they are. As a therapist, you probably would not feel you could do your best work if you didn’t have some continuity with your clients. It’s the same in coaching.

#4) Does the program offer support for practical implementation?

This is crucial- because you don’t want to learn how to build your therapy practice in theory, you want to actually do it. (Ok, even if you think you don’t want to do it, you really do. 🙂

It’s common to want to overthink and over-analyze and understand the whys and hows before you take action. Yet there is also such a thing as “overthinking”- and a program that focuses on implementation will balance both understanding and doing.

If you’ve been considering one of our mentoring programs to accelerate your private practice success, now is a great time to explore this option.

Imagine it’s January 17, 2017. You’d have completed your first year of mentoring, and I can promise you- your private practice horizon will be much brighter in a year than it is even today.

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