How Therapists Misuse the Internet

~ by Rachna Jain PsyD
In my experience, most therapists misuse the Internet when it comes to practice building.
The most common errors they make are these:
  • They waste money on a super fancy website when they don’t even know how to get people to visit their website.
  • They spread themselves too thin across too many marketing avenues.
  • They use the wrong social media platforms to attract clients. (These are just a few of the many ways.)

I’m a psychologist by training. I first began working online in 1998, when I used the internet to successfully fill my therapy practice. I built a six figure psychology practice in just two years, built from the internet originally and then referrals from satisfied clients. I then repeated this with my second business, a dissertation coaching business that focused on helping graduate students complete their dissertations. And I’ve done this, again, with my third business, which offers done-for-you online marketing services.

If you followed along closely, you’ll note that I’ve built three distinct multi-six-figure businesses in the past 13 years. I’m also the author of “Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity”.  (Click here to view the book on Amazon.)

So, long story short, I know a few things about attracting clients from the Internet. I also know a few things most therapists routinely do incorrectly. I’ll share a few of them here.

#1) They invest thousands of dollars in building their website. And (part two), they do this as their main focus when they don’t know how to get people to visit their website in the first place.

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a super fancy website that nobody ever visits? Or a website that is so technical that you don’t know how to use it?

When I first started my therapy and assessment business, I put up a very simple, very ugly one page website. The only purpose of that website was to introduce people to me, and encourage them to contact me. My second business (the coaching one), had a slightly larger website, but it was still kind of plain and ugly.

Looks don’t matter if you can’t get visitors.

#2) They spread themselves across too many marketing avenues.

Ever hear of ‘bright, shiny, object syndrome?’- yes. I have it too. But what I have seen, again, and again, is that the most successful business owners – in any type of business- dig deeply into just two or three marketing avenues- not ten or twenty.

This is even more important for therapists who need their marketing time to be highly efficient, due to the very structured schedules of private practice.

There is no point adding new marketing approaches to your practice building when the initial ones don’t get enough effort first.

#3) They use the wrong social media platforms to attract clients.

Social media didn’t even exist when I built my psychology business, so it’s very possible to build your practice without it. I did. However, if you have access to social media, and want to use it, there are some platforms which work better than others for attracting clients. Social media becomes a big time waster if you use it to build platform or popularity when what you really need are paying clients.

This is just the short list of ways that therapists misuse the internet for practice building. There are many others.

The key is to start small, keep it simple, and be consistent.

If you’d like to learn more about Internet Marketing for Therapists, I’d invite you to join me for the upcoming class.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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