How Resilient Are You?

Be a Wealthy TherapistOne of the themes of our More Income For YOU event (this is our annual flagship event, focused solely on building a profitable therapy business) was the theme of resilience. Our focus song of the event was “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. If you know the song, the refrain says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

I selected this song for our event because I believe resilience is one of the key traits that distinguish the most successful business owners from those who are not as successful. Resilience is the capacity to “bounce back” when you run into challenges or obstacles, or when events don’t turn out as you plan. While so many of us teach and counsel our patients and clients to be resilient- how many of us are truly resilient ourselves?

For example: how many of you avoid networking events because you feel shy, or because you are afraid of rejection, ever since that one time you attended a networking event and someone was rude? (Yes, this happens to many of us.) And since then, you’ve decided ‘networking doesn’t work’- even though you know of other therapists who are doing this successfully. With due respect, and a lot of love, I would say that deciding an entire marketing strategy doesn’t work because you tried it once is a sign of lack of resilience. In this case, you have not been able to bounce back and find a way to make networking work for you.

It doesn’t matter if you choose networking or not, but it’s important you choose at least a few ways to market your practice.

You can’t just “not market” and think that clients will come.

Lack of resilience also shows up when we struggle with setting boundaries around fee collection and cancellation policies. We are afraid of having a client become angry with us, or we fear we can’t handle the anger, so we allow them to schedule, cancel, reschedule, all in the name of being “therapeutic.”

Yes, sometimes emergencies do happen, and clients have good reason for skipping their therapy appointments. Yet, at the same time, sometimes this kind of treatment disruption has something to do with the therapist who does not feel resilient enough to set good boundaries and hold them.

When you look at places in your therapy business that don’t feel “quite right yet” – reflect deeply and see if these are places where being more resilient would serve you better. I think that, at least in some cases, you will find the answer is yes.

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