How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

Be a Wealthy Therapist

Whenever I speak or teach about building your private practice, one question I’m often asked is, “Casey, how long does it take to get results?”

This is a great question, in one way- it shows me that the question-asker is thinking about return on investment, which is a very CEO-like approach.

That’s really good!

And it’s a tricky question, in another way, because what does the
question-asker mean by “results”- and would she or he have a good tracking system to measure results when they showed up?

Too often, therapists run their businesses by their feelings. If three new clients called yesterday, then today is a good day. If the phone hasn’t rung in a few days, today is a bad day. Subjectively, the practice owner feels good or bad about their practice based on their feelings rather than data.

What if, instead, the practice-owner had clear and objective- well defined- ways to measure the health of their practice? Not just clients seen, but dollars collected, referrals received, success rate at moving a client from the initial call to the initial consultation- and so on?

You can see that measuring a few more outcomes- in data, not feelings- could help the therapist have a better sense of how the practice is actually doing.

Then, he or she could decide to improve any of these areas to improve the overall health of the practice.

Too often, therapists get caught in the trap of thinking about their business success only in terms of client hours.

So when you’re looking for results in your therapy business, why not start by actually tracking what’s happening in your practice, and operating from numbers, not just feelings? You will see, easily and clearly, what you can improve for the greatest positive impact.

That’s the kind of results which will make a real difference to your practice, income, and well-being.

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