Grrr. I am Mad!

Grrr I am mad. I have received 4 calls today from people who saw the recent NY Times article where I was quoted as a “branding expert.”

Well, that doesn’t make me mad. What made me mad was that all four people were under the misconception that if they just got the right “branding” – that they’d have a full practice.

Branding is not unimportant but that is not where to start.

In today’s video I share the number one question any therapy business owner should start with – if they really want to make a great living.

You can watch it above (It is only 3 minutes long.)

Hope you will leave a comment below after you watch the video. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Love and blessings,

PS I am making two more videos for you – on exactly how to get your next 10 cash-paying clients with a marketing plan that works. Stay tuned!

15 Responses to Grrr. I am Mad!

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  2. Dave says:

    Thanks once again, Casey! You continue to support and give generously to assist us in building and succeeding, and I am VERY grateful! One of the best things about how you work is the community you have developed – I know I am not alone in this. (Not to mention your kind and fun way of approaching the many aspects of making this business fulfilling and worth it!) Thanks and blessings to you and your loved ones in this season of joy and peace.

  3. Donna May says:

    Hi Casey. I have purchased many of your materials and love your conferences. I now have a wonderful full practice and have gained a reputation for my work with dreams and writing. I am writing a book, “Psyche’s Call” and am ready to learn more about additional streams of income, especially interested in doing a membership site. Will you be offering info on this? Thanks for you and all you have taught me!

    • Casey and the Team says:

      Hi Donna,

      Great to hear all that you are doing! In November our entire conference was on new income streams. We touched on memberships sites but didn’t go into them in detail. Perhaps that was me – after having done memberships sites for so many years, I just think there are such easier ways of reaching more people and making more money. But good luck!! Love it that you are thinking outside the box!

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks for the videos Casey. After I watch them I get so excited. I am working on branding myself, its a lot of work, but, I find it helps in so many other areas. I am a writer as well and I’ve used my book, Kiss to Betrayal Coming Through Emotional and Mental Abuse with some of my clients who have been in abusive relationships. (I think I am going to have to start considering some revisions and a book two.) I also write under a pseudonym because I want to try and keep my anonymity. Thanks again for the information and the support.

  5. Rose Geiser says:

    Since I began listening to you Casey, I have gone full time in my own practice! I am busy because I work at it daily. I am looking forward to the marketing plan!

  6. Joel Nielson says:

    First off, congrats on the publishing Casey! That’s exciting and thanks for the video.

    As business people, we have to remember “everything speaks”. If you look like a cheap, ruffled organization – will your services be that way too? We all think this way… We are hardwired to. It’s how we filter the stimulus laden world we live in. We’d do ourselves a disservice to not consider these things. But to your point Casey… There is an order to it all.

    “Every business wakes up single”. Let’s liken it to a single lady who gets ready in the morning – looks like a million bucks, but refuses go out on the town or to social events – THEN complains about never getting a date! So is your practice’s beautifully design brand just a billboard in the desert? Or is your brand repelling your clients? Questions that will cost us new clients if we aren’t honest with ourselves.
    Joel Nielson

  7. Hi Casey, I just watched your video. I felt you were clear about how to maintain a private practice by marketing yourself and recognizing that this will be an ongoing process. I think what you convey, in general is the importance of how we can get our message across to potential clients so they feel like we are connecting to them and being able to help them.

  8. Ruth Geller says:

    Good to hear this right now, as I am putting a lot of energy into market in an attempt to grow my solo practice. Thank you for all the free resources you offer, Casey! I got Be a Wealthy Therapist a few years ago.

  9. Frank Walker says:

    Gosh I wish there was some magic trick to get the clients in. Looking forward to the next video. Still having a hard time though.

    • Casey and the Team says:

      I get it Frank that you wish their was a magic trick. But it is like the person who wants to lose 100 lbs. wanting a magic trick. No one wants the regular answer that works – everyone wants the magic trick that takes no effort. That is what quite frankly drives me nuts! lol xo

    • Joel Nielson says:

      Frank! Don’t we all 🙂

      Even the smartest methods – which make the heavy lifting lighter – still require calculated and consistent effort. I have a feeling we are about to learn some of those methods from Casey.

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