Going Deep with Your Marketing


In any given day, I receive at least 5 emails from therapists asking me about the latest marketing trends and technologies. They want to know about Facebook. About Twitter. About YouTube. Many of them dream of building huge followings on these sites, thousands of adoring fans who will easily buy their ebooks, webinars, and workshops without thinking twice.

Is it possible to create this? Certainly.

Is it likely to actually happen? Probably not.

Let me explain.

Most therapists are seduced by bright, shiny objects. They buy into the belief that all they have to do is let people know about them and those people will flock to buy whatever the therapist is selling. The reality of it is different.

For every one therapist that builds a social media following, there are at least hundreds, maybe thousands, more who will not be able to do this. If your primary goal is to work as a therapist and to build your local therapy practice– and I’m certain that this is the fastest path to great income for the majority of you- then you have to be thoughtful with your marketing- and go deep, not wide.

Deep marketing means that you select between 2-4 marketing strategies- and work them consistently. A deep marketing plan means that you decide what you will do – and then you do it- day in, day out, week in, week out- without fail.

Is this novel and new and always exciting? No.

Yet it is the way to be consistently profitable.

In my own therapy business, I see that the basic marketing plan I use: networking and speaking, search engine optimization, have been the three most significant and solid sources of new clients for me in the past three years.
None of these strategies involves social media. None of them involve hosting webinars or selling ebooks, or holding workshops. And my center continues to double in size, almost every two years.

The same can happen for you, if you commit to a few marketing channels and develop them consistently.

Each year, at the More Income For YOU! Conference, I share just a few new marketing strategies you could use. Why only a few? Because that’s all you need, really, for a full and thriving practice.

If you speak with attendees of past conferences, they have taken what they learned and moved to fully cash pay practices. They’ve raised their fees. They’ve developed better referral partnerships in their local community.

They do this, equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to connect with their community and build their client base.

Since you’ve not yet joined me for this year’s conference, I can only guess that this is because you haven’t understood how helpful this event will be to you.

Yet, based on feedback from past attendees, I know it has been life-changing.

So please get your ticket to this year’s event, as it promises to be the best one yet (and it will be the last one for a while.)

Register here: http://MoreIncomeForTherapists.com

Your practice- and your bank account- will thank you for it.

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