Do you have a leak in your foundation?

I know you want more impact and more income. You want it to be easier. So where is your foundation leaking? Where are you struggling or making it harder than it needs to be?

Coach Linda Welch

Sometimes we just need 45 minutes with a neutral eye – someone who has run successful businesses – to take a look at where we might want to shore up the foundation. You know the famous therapist Virginia Satir said “You can’t see your own backside.” It is time to get a second opinion, figure out your stuck spot and get moving on the private practice of your dreams.

Today, you have the opportunity to purchase an individual, personal coaching session with Elite Strategy Coach Linda Welch for only $297. This is a special offer just to those who are ready to find out what is stopping them and get past it.

During this session you can hone in on the next one, two or 3 steps you can take so that you can increase your income and impact.

Here are some things you could look at in this session:

* Ways to shore up your foundation

* How you might increase your impact

* How to move from hobby-business owner to therapy business owner

* How to strengthen your CEO muscles!

* Or you set the agenda

Take advantage of this special offer and have a personal coaching session with Elite Be A Wealthy Therapist Coach Linda. She has a special way of moving quickly and easily to find just what you need. 

Imagine what could happen….a breakthrough session that could help you to get one, two or three new clients? Or saves you from procrastinating? Or accidentally leaving money on the table?

Please don’t wait. Just click the button below, and after you place your order, you will be sent to Linda’s calendar where you can choose a time for your Breakthrough Coaching Session with Linda. This is an experience you won’t forget!

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