Five Things To Build Your Therapy Business

Five Things

To build the financially therapy business that is sustainable over time, we need 5 things:

1.  Money Management Strategy – how will this business prosper and be sustainable over time?

2.  Strategy for the Vision – What are the objectives of this business? Why are you here? How will you know if you are meeting your vision?

3.  Creation of the Tactical Plan – how will you meet your business objectives? How will you increase visibility and credibility so that those that need you find you? How will you serve the clients – both when you start out and later when you are full?

4.  Action Plan – what tasks are needed and who will do them to fulfill the tactical plan of getting that phone to ring and the clients served?

5.  Perspective – how do you as the owner approach and grow through the inevitable challenges that you will face? (with culture, healthcare, economy, and technology)?

Take some time with these and see where you are set and where perhaps you need to grow and learn more. I’ve been reading books about successful CEOs and to a person, the great ones knew that it was okay not to have all the answers – but the goal is to learn and grow and, in turn, grow their company.

This is on my mind because these 5 things are what our More Income for Therapists Conference is all about. And while we can’t give you a 3-year business degree in a 3-day conference, our goal is to help you take years off the learning curve of building and managing a successful private practice.

Our More Income for YOU conference in-person seats are sold out, but we are offering this event online (live from your home or office) and you can watch the entire event via video replay through December 15. I hope you will join us.

Read more about More Income for YOU here:

I wish you amazing success on your growth path to happy, healthy therapy business owner.

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