Thank You – Your Seat is Reserved

YAY! We are so excited you are joining us for the no-charge (live and recorded) teleconference:

“Is Your Practice Foundation Secure?” with Casey Truffo

We will cover the 4 most important areas to create a strong foundation:

  • Technology: Best practices for safeguarding your website, your domains, your email list, and your online practice management data and schedules.
  • Mindset: How to be proactive and resilient when things look bleak or unexpected things happen.
  • Finances: Know how much you need to run your life to  ease stress and help you make wise decisions.
  • Marketing Plans and Actions: Are you taking the steps you could to get your phone ringing?

How to join us live on the teleclass:

Date and Time:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 (Class is 50-minutes)
2pm Pacific (3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

Call in details:

Option 1: Join us via telephone:

Phone Number: 1 (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 914436#

Option 2: Join us via the internet:

Can’t join us live? Yes, recordings are available but please try and attend live; I want you to get your Strong Foundation.

As always, your success is my mission.

Love and Blessings,



7 Responses to Thank You – Your Seat is Reserved

  1. So, Casey! I have heard about these scams who prey on businesses, trying to buy their domain names and/or threaten you to buy up all the similar domain names up at exorbitant prices, to bleed your cash. When I tried your old domain name, an error message comes up so far. Was the loss because of a lapse in paying for the domain name and /or hosting fees? Perhaps, this will be covered in the webinar… We were advised to buy up all the similar domain names, when we established ours many years ago, too. Your attitude and spirited rise to the challenge reflects loads of your determination and passion for your brand that you fought so hard for, so “GO FORTH and conquer every barrier!” Seems a battle cry can invigorate us and boost our professional fortitude! The participants at my trainings love to hear about all the mistakes I make to earn success, too. I admire your willingness to share them. It keeps our respect for your authenticity in the forefront of our attention. Thank you for the heads up and reminder that we not ever allow ourselves to get complacent on any front!

    • Casey and the Team says:

      Kimberly, we had the domain on automatic renewal for 9 years. This year, our cc expired and they sent an email to an address that did not get to me. After 3 tries – they sold it to an auction house.

      • Wow, that is tragic and such a human error! At least it wasn’t malicious, like some of these scams have been. Our area has been hit with marketing scams around with several health and community small businesses affected with several thousands of dollars lost by each. In small start ups, that could be fatal! I think I would be so sick to my stomach for quite awhile, before the wheels could kick in and take action… You’ll recover well and people will continue find you from the body of your work and smart marketing efforts you’ve already put in place! Thank you for sharing your struggles, to help us avoid the suffering you’ve survived!
        With gratitude,

  2. April De Higes says:

    WAY TO GO CASEY! Nothing stops you from moving forward. You are inspiring. Thank you for all your hard work and support over the past few years. Just wanted you to know that this year I officially opened my institute. and I am moving forward too. THANK YOU CASEY! Warmly, April

  3. Go Casey! You may not have your .com, but you do have your calm and you will thrive with your .net. Within your net you can bring in all and any ideas and issues you want to tackle. I’m delighted to help you should you want any help from me. Over the years you have been helpful to me. I admire you and I have warm, caring feelings for, and to, you. Bye for now, Jonathan Brower

  4. Rachel says:

    You’re the best! I love the way you share in such a real and authentic way AND make it valuable for all of us therapists out there. You are a fanstastic role model.
    Thank you as always,

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