Is Your Practice Foundation Secure?

Dear Fellow Private Practitioner,

As you may have heard, due to a clerical error, my domain name Be A Wealthy Therapist was sold to someone else. Yes – you read that right. I lost my domain name.

That domain name (Be A Wealthy Therapist . com) was my mission and my purpose for the last 10 years. It was also my brand – known to over 75,000 worldwide. And in 2 days – it was literally gone.

We tried to get it back; we spent two days non-stop working with our domain registrar and the auction house it was sold to. But nope – gone. Sold to someone and we don’t even know who.

Can you imagine? Ten years of your life gone in a heartbeat? I felt profoundly sad. For about 20 minutes after I heard it was gone, I found it hard to even breathe.

It is in those moments that one has to decide. Back down or get up and put on your big girl pants.

And I made a decision. No one is going to stop us from our calling. Not that easily anyway. Our Be A Wealthy Therapist team huddled.

And guess what?

Within 2 hours of finding out we could not get the domain name back, we were up and running on

Two hours. Yes, there will be some cleanup and tasks we did not expect, but we will not let a domain name define us – or stop our mission in any way.

Because I know how I felt, I really want to be sure you know what to do when something rocks your business foundation.

Please join me for a new, no-charge (live and recorded) teleconference:

“Is Your Practice Foundation Secure?” Teleclass with Casey Truffo

We will cover the 4 most important areas to create a strong foundation:

  • Technology: Best practices for safeguarding your website, your domains, your email list, and your online practice management data and schedules.
  • Mindset: How to be proactive and resilient when things look bleak or unexpected things happen.
  • Finances: Know how much you need to run your life to  ease stress and help you make wise decisions.
  • Marketing Plans and Actions: Are you taking the steps you could to get your phone ringing?

“Is Your Practice Foundation Secure?” Teleclass with Casey Truffo (50-minutes)

Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 (Class is 50-minutes)

Time: 2pm Pacific (3pm Mountain, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern)

(Yes, recordings are available but please try and attend live; I want you to get your Strong Foundation)

Please fill out the form on the right to register. Put the date on your calendar. And please tell your friends. (Friends don’t let friends lose their domain name.)

See you there!




14 Responses to Is Your Practice Foundation Secure?

  1. Ana says:

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, I have to work, but would like to access recordings. thank you for your consideration and help.

  2. carolyn lacour says:

    I will not be able to attend, but would like to access recordings. thank you. i wish the best for you.

  3. Counselor Bill says:

    I too lost my business name recently and found it would cost me several hundreds of dollars to get it back from the new owner. I called Go daddy and was told it is legal to buy names and sell it for a profit. They are predators making a fortune from unfortunate people like you and me. I have decided to creadte a new name instead of giving my hard earned money to rascals like them.

  4. Monica says:

    In the grand scheme, eventually this problem seen from a distance will be just a speck in the universe. Something even greater and better will be born of a simple typo. Thanks for setting a terrific example of how our outlook changes everything.

  5. Gwenda says:

    I will not be able to attend live. Do I still need to register to access the recordings later?

  6. Carol Erb says:

    I share your pain…you will turn this “gift in dirty wrapping paper” into something very beautiful for us all. I look forward to seeing what unfolds. Much love

  7. J Lewis says:

    good job getting back up. most people don’t type your domain name in anyway – they google it, and you are still at the top of google as soon as you notify them of the change… might want your lawyer to explore copyright violation when the domain goes live – pretty likely they will violate your copyright if they have the domain name….

  8. How awful but well done you and your team for getting back up so quickly! You gave yourself some time to feel it and then took control and made a decision and took action. What a fantastic role model you continue to be for us all. Thanks for sharing your new learnings and understandings with us.

  9. Nancy says:

    OMG Casey, what a bummer and way to go to turn this around!

  10. Summer says:

    I’m so sorry…I like how you said “a domain name will not define us [me] or stop our [my] mission”. As far as I’m concerned, you are THE Wealthy Therapist, and what you stand for. I don’t see how anyone else could be known as that. We know what and who you are to US, and we [I] love you!


  11. Casey:

    I appreciate your transparency about this and using it to help all of us.

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