Did you want to partner in some way with me?

Hello there!

Every day I get several e-mails from heart centered entrepreneurs asking to partner with me in some way. Some want me to promote their book, their products or their trainings. Others want me to have them speak at my conferences.

While I appreciate the invitations and the thoughts, there simply isn’t enough time in my schedule to be able to partner with everyone who asks me. (I really wish they was enough time because I so adore the people who send me the requests!)

Therefore I have created a simple checklist that might help you know how I select my partners and projects and also might help you know whether or not we are a good fit. Please read below and if you feel that you meet the criteria, then I would love to hear from you!

With gratitude,

Partnership and joint venture guidelines I live by:

1. I strongly believe that relationships precede request.

Therefore almost all of the people that I endorse, support or invite as speakers for my conferences are people who’ve taken the time to build a relationship with me before asking me to support them. If you feel that is something you want to do, then please begin to connect regularly with me on social media or introduce yourself at a conference or via e-mail. I have to say this is a pet peeve of mine. Many people write me each week asking me to endorse them or their product or service (or speak at my event) without building a real relationship first. A real relationship to me means where we get to know each other over time and come to really want to support each other.

2. While my company is be a wealthy therapist, the projects that I select are rarely just about the money.

In fact, making additional money from a joint venture or partnership is usually third on my list of goals when I select projects. So if you are asking me to promote one of your products or services because you think I would be in interested in affiliate fee, this is unlikely unless we already have a relationship. If you are asking me to promote something of yours and the only benefit to me has to do with affiliate commissions, please reach out and begin to build the relationship first as I almost never do anything (as noted) for money alone.

3. Partnerships or joint ventures need to benefit both parties – to help both parties businesses grow.

This means that in order to partner with me or for me to promote your product or service, I need to know that not only will my community benefit but that my company will benefit also. Primary benefits to me include increasing my visibility and my reach (aka new clients or email subscribers with therapists or other types of healers) – especially into international markets. if you feel that partnering with me would help both of our businesses grow them please reach out and tell me how you see that happening. Now that sounds like fun and something I’d be interested in.

4. I love projects where we compliment one another.

If you are thinking of co-creating an offering with me, please note that your expertise must compliment mine so that it is beneficial to both of us.

Think we are a good fit?

I appreciate you reading this and hope you understand I put his page together because of the number of requests I get each week. I hope it has helped you to understand how I select who to partner with. If after reading this, you still think we are a great match, I would love to hear from you. Please e-mail me at Casey@TherapistLeadershipInstitute.com or connect regularly with me on social media.

And of course, if you’d like to begin to build a relationship so that we may be partners in the future, I look forward to that as well.

I wish you amazing success and thanks for connecting.

Love and blessings,

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