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Dear Therapist-Colleague,

In the last decade, private practitioners have recognized that it takes more than being a good clinician to have a financially successful therapy practice. We need to attract new clients. Many therapists have embraced this marketing role alongside your clinician role. And practices are filling! Many therapy business owners have so many potential new clients that they are adding clinicians to their practices.

And that is leading to a new problem.

Therapy Business Owners are Burning Out

Many therapy business owners are tired and edging toward burnout.

You see, it takes more than being a good clinician and good marketing person to run a successful small business. Most private practitioners haven’t been taught the other skills necessary to run a business. This leads to difficulty managing everything from finances to operations to facilities and technology. In addition, since many clinicians don’t even know they need to do those functions, they don’t budget time for them. And the cycle of stress and overwork continues.

We must realize that we are actually the CEO of our therapy business. It is time to add some new CEO skills to your tool belt. As you learn and implement these new skills and roles, you will reduce your stress, increase your income, and have systems to help you know your numbers and make strategic business decisions. The best part is that your reward is not only a viable and sustainable business, but less stress, more ease, more time, and more income.

This is the start of a new era for therapy business owners. It is time to understand all the roles in your business and develop the skills and systems to manage your financially successful businesses with ease. I want you to wake up each day feeling confident… the confident CEO of your business.

This Book Can Help


That is why I wrote this book:

From Clinician to Confident CEO – Your Step-By-Step Guide to More Income and More Ease.

Order the Book Today For $24.95 Plus Shipping

Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Learn When You Invest In “From Clinician To Confident CEO”:

  • Why having a financially sustainable practice takes more than good clinical skills and marketing
  • How to develop, document, and implement policies, procedures, and systems (Running your business will be a no-brainer)
  • Key metrics to track and review that show the progress of your business
  • How to create your business budget and always have money saved for taxes and business expansion
  • And how to think and make decisions like a CEO

This is my story too

shutterstock_146056391I wrote this book as it is my story, too. It took me a long time to be willing to look at my therapy business finances and understand them.

Seriously. One year not very long ago, I realized that after I paid all my expenses, my business netted me exactly $1,000 for the year. That meant I made about 50 cents an hour. No wonder I was exhausted and unhappy.

It also took me quite a while to do less people-pleasing in my business and start making sound decisions for the business. I had an overactive sense of responsibility and would make decisions that would hurt the business in the hopes that others would not be disappointed or inconvenienced. The impact of “worshiping responsibility at the altar” took a bit longer to conquer. Truth be told, I still occasionally slip.

I found my way out by studying sound business techniques and applying them to our unique business of therapy. And I was helped on my journey by some amazing guides and mentors. I am beyond grateful for their stewardship.

Over several months I began implementing the business and finance skills I teach in this book in my own businesses – skills beyond marketing for new clients. As I did so, my profit rose 400% in just five months. (What would this kind of increase in your profits mean for your business and your life?) I stood up for myself more in business situations. My confidence was higher than ever. Business was fun again! I loved working with my clients and had time for the other roles in my business, too!

I want that for you too. Exhaustion and burnout are not okay. Running a business at a loss is not okay. It is time to fill in the missing pieces to our business education.

Order the Book Today For $24.95 Plus Shipping


What Therapists Say About Learning from Me:

Jyl Scott-Reagan Says…

emerald-jyl“This is about my 5th year working with Casey. The first year was sort of watching stuff that she was doing with online interviews and things like that. It took me a while to make the commitment to work with her. I think that was a big step.

After my first year of working with her I broke through a personal financial glass ceiling that I had had for years. My income went up significantly, and it was not in a boom year here in Houston…that’s continued to steadily grow.”


Kim McLaughlin Says…

“I realized from the start that I didn’t know how to be a business owner. Casey’s name was out in the web universe and I decided I needed to work with her. I started working with her in low level capacities back when I opened my business. I’ve been working with her ever since.

My business has grown from being…actually from zero, from absolutely no clients, no ability to market, not knowing what to do at all to now having a good practice and working with people and also being able to contemplate the future and business expansion.”


Carol Erb Says…

“Like so many counselors and therapists, I was ready to start seeing clients but I had absolutely no idea how to implement the business side of a practice. I got online and I started researching and Be a Wealthy Therapist came up. I contacted Casey and I began with her. It’s probably been, I would say approximately 5 or 6 years ago.

Now, I actually have two offices with associates and a full glass to floor beautiful office that I’m in. I am really working now to add more associates because I’m getting overwhelmed. Thanks to Casey, I really knew how to position myself and even name my center. It’s just a delight to do this kind of work and feel confident in what I’m doing.”


Why You Need This Book!

Clinician_To_CEO_v1.inddThis book lays out the why and how-to of what a therapy business owner needs to do to have more confidence, less stress, and more control over their business.

There is a big gap between being a therapist and being a business owner. This book fills in the missing pieces.

Each chapter will give you instruction, ideas, samples, and identify your next steps. My goal is to help you work smarter – with less effort, more profit and much more pleasure.

Order the Book Today For $24.95 Plus Shipping

My wish for you is that you always and continually love your business and love your life. You deserve to enjoy the amazing life that you make possible because you are sustained through your financially successful business. And my hope is that this book can help to fill in the missing pieces on your journey from Clinician to Confident CEO.

Love and blessings,

I believe in you.


P.S. All you have to do next is take the first step.

Order the Book Today For $24.95 Plus Shipping

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  1. Kim Boivin says:

    Hi Casey,
    Is your book “From Clinician to Confident CEO” available for shipping to Canada? If so, how much does it cost?
    Thank you.

    All the best,

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