Can You Really Get Clients from the Internet?

by Rachna Jain PsyD

As you may know, I’ve been marketing online since 1998, which is practically the dawn of the Internet as we know it today. (That makes me sound really, really old, doesn’t it? – but I’m not, really.) One of the things I learned early on was that it takes three things to get clients from the internet. If you miss any of these three things- or don’t do them well- your potential clients will skip you right by and go on to the next website.

So what are the three things that will help you get clients from the internet?

1)  Visitors

You can’t get clients from the internet if nobody ever visits your website in the first place. In fact, this is one of the first things I assess for when clients contact me to help them with their marketing. I always begin by looking at how many visitors they are getting to their site, and how many calls they are getting from the people who visit their site.

You can’t get clients from the internet if nobody ever visits your site. So you must be proficient at attracting visitors.

2)  Video

The only purpose of your website is to convince a potential client to call you. Having a welcoming video of you on the home page can help convince a visitor to call you. Video is the absolute best way to build fast intimacy and rapport. Even if you don’t like yourself on video (and most of us don’t!), video can be effective at helping you stand out from the other therapists in your area.

3) Value

Each element of your website should seek to provide value to the visitor. Speak to them directly. Talk about what they are going through, what problems they are having, and how you can help them. Your visitor doesn’t care as much about your degrees and achievements as they do your humanness and capacity to help them. Remember that quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Remember, the only purpose of your website is to attract visitors and then convince them to set up an appointment. When you have enough visitors, a welcoming video, and provide good value (show them you understand their situation), you are more likely to get clients from the internet.

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