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Thank you for your interest in the website videos that are dedicated to using speaking as an excellent way to attract clients! We are so glad you are here. And, as promised, here are your videos.

People always ask me how many clients can they expect to get from speaking.

ANSWER: Press Play. Enjoy!

Video #5

Video #4

What to Do with Feedback Forms

Video #3

How to Turn Audience Members Into Clients with a Great Presentation Handout

Video #2

But How Do You Get That Speaking Engagement?

Video #1

Why Community Marketing is one of the Most Effective Ways to Market Your Counseling Practice!


Speaking in the Community: How it can be easier and more profitable than all your other marketing.

Dear Therapist Colleague:

casey truffo

Attracting new clients is a challenge today. No question about it. The Internet is crowded with therapists competing for clients. This flight to the internet has opened up a huge opportunity for you to get clients the way we used to – before the internet – by becoming better known in your community.

Speaking is the most cost-effective way to attract new clients.

In your community, there are many organizations that are looking for speakers. By offering an easy, low-stress presentation, you have the opportunity to market to a roomful of prospects – all who have the problem that you are addressing in your presentation. How is that for an effective use of your time?

But maybe you’ve tried speaking with no results before.

If you don’t know how to get a speaking engagement, it can seem overwhelming. What will you talk about? How much to prepare? These questions will stop many therapists in their tracks. I have found that most private practitioners work too hard and prepare too much for a community presentation. Plus they leave the event wondering if they will ever get an inquiry call from anyone in the audience.

There is an easier way. You do not need to work so hard.

Continue reading to learn about our newest training program – How To Fill Your Appointment Book With Speaking. The steps are simple and I would love to go in-depth with you to show you exactly how to do them.

Move from Frustrated, Confused, or Nervous to a Confident, Organized, and Easy Presenter.

casey truffoSpeaking can be fun (and profitable!). Are you rolling your eyes at that? Well, it can be easy and fun when:

  • you have a formula that you can employ for almost any event
  • you prepare less content and have more interaction with your audience
  • you reframe speaking as ‘connecting with people who need you’ and
  • you have a way to manage the inevitable nerves in a way that endears you to the audience
  • you have an easy-to-follow system for converting a percentage of those audience members into paying clients.

Let me show you how with our How To Fill Your Appointment Book With Speaking training program.

This program will show you how to get the most (fun and referrals) from this effective marketing activity. Speaking is one of the main ways I used to build my practice – and it works today too.

Why Are Speaking Engagements A Great Way To Build Your Practice and Your Income?

Speaking helps people get a sense of what it would be like to be in your office – spending time with you. We know that “attunement” is the best predictor of positive therapy outcomes. Imagine if you could give a roomful of people that sense of attunement during a community presentation? Imagine what that could do to build your practice.

Speaking uses the interpersonal skills you use every day. When you structure your talks in a way that allows for a lot of interaction, people get invigorated. This can be easy when you don’t try to be a ‘presenter’ but just be yourself – as you are in session.

Speaking allows you to connect face-to face. Our culture is longing for connection. Community presentations give people a chance to get out of their homes, meet with one another and with you.

casey truffo

Speaking builds your credibility in your community. One of my objectives when presenting is to be perceived as the ‘approachable expert.’ You can do this with a ’signature talk’ and your natural curiosity and compassion to connect with the audience.

Speaking can be a very efficient use of your marketing time. Addressing a roomful of people who have the problem you help is a great way to maximize your marketing time.

Speaking connects you with potential referral sources. Give a presentation and build not only your prospect list but audience members (and the organizers) will remember you and consider you for referrals.

Let’s Turn Audience Members into Clients with the “How To Fill Your Appointment Book With Speaking” program.

This program will consist of 16 short, bite-sized videos (3-9 minutes) designed to give you specific instructions on each step in the process from getting the speaking engagement to attracting the client into your office. We will also have a Q&A training call. On this call, I will answer questions about all-things- speaking and how you can use this to build your practice! We can really dig into the issues facing you and clarify anything that might not be completely clear.

You know how sometimes we learn new things but then procrastinate on the implementation? Well, I want you to take what you learn in this class and get implementing so that you are out there speaking with ease and turning audience members into clients.

Over the course of a few days and in just a few hours, you will draft your inquiries to program directors, create your talk title, design your talk, and practice the process to turn audience members into clients! How cool is that?

Let’s look at what will be covered:

— #1 —

Mindset Shifts about Speaking as a Marketing Tool

  • How to move through the natural procrastination around speaking
  • How often to plan to speak to make this a successful marketing activity
  • The ‘reframe the talk as a group discussion’ mindset shift
  • How to identify a target market who’d most like to hear you

— #2 —

Get (schedule) the speaking engagement

  • The pros and cons of doing the talk on your own or to find a group and offer to present to them.
  • How to get a venue and advertise your own talk
  • How to best handle the registration process if you hold your own event
  • How to find groups or organizations to bring you in as a speaker
  • Who to contact at the organization – and a two-pronged approach to connect with him or her.
  • How to reach out if the program director doesn’t respond quickly to your inquiry
  • A sample letter you can model to send to program directors inviting them to have you speak
  • Questions to ask the sponsor of an event so you know your audience and what to expect

— #3 —

Preparation (lighter and easier than ever before)

  • How to create attractive talk titles
  • How to modify your talks for varying lengths of presentation
  • How to reduce your preparation time
  • How much content you really need (It is usually much less than you might think.)
  • How to quickly and easily create a handout
  • How to create a feedback form that has the audience asking to connect further with you
  • Your “follow up” plan for after the event. (This is the key to get clients from the presentation.)

— #4 —

Simple and Very Attractive Presentation Delivery

casey truffo
  • My magic formula for ‘facilitating a group discussion’ rather than giving a lecture
  • How to use your nerves to endear you to the audience and get them on your side early
  • How to connect with the audience as they arrive so that when you start, you already have a connection
  • A surprisingly simple technique that will have the organizers loving you
  • How to use ‘powerful questions’ (a technique I learned from Dianne Legro) that will have your audience saying “wow.”
  • How to construct your talk – the Opening, Beginning, Middle, Close, and “after event” – this is a format you can use for almost every talk.
  • Subtle nuances of the ‘pregnant pause’ and vocal variation – but don’t worry – this is NOT a Toastmaster’s class.
  • How to leave your audience wanting more – and how to help them get it!

— #5 —

Follow up so they remember you!

  • Why this is the key to getting clients and how to do it in a non-intrusive way. (In fact I will show you how to have them ask you to contact them.)
  • How to create the ‘follow up’ plan so you make sure those that want you, find you.

— #6 —

Convert a percentage of those audience members into paying clients.

  • The gem of this program is a step-by-step method of offering a free consultation in a very structured way so that audience members are asking to work with you (and pay you!)
  • We also cover how to handle the inevitable objections, for example.. when people say, “I can’t afford it” or “I have to talk to my spouse” or “I will get back to you” or “Do you take insurance?”

Okay! Let’s Fill Your Practice with Easy, Profitable Community Presentations. Here is how the program works.

The ‘How to Fill Your Appointment Book with Speaking’ program consists of:

Each step has it's own video you can watch again and again.

Each step has it’s own video you can watch again and again.

  • 16 short, bite-sized videos (3-9 minutes each) designed to give you specific instructions on each step in the process from getting the speaking engagement to attracting the client into your office to turning that audience member into a paying client. With the videos created by topic (and short), you can watch the specific sections you need – anytime you need them.
  • A sixty-minute Q&A conference call where I will answer questions about all-things-speaking and how you can use this to build your practice! In this call, we can really dig into the issues facing you and clarify anything that might not be completely clear. This call will be held on Monday, July 30th at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern and be recorded for later listening too. (We encourage you to watch the videos first because they will get you really prepared to get your deepest questions answered.)
  • Sample Letter Template to send to Program Directors.
  • Sample Feedback Form with the invitation for the attendees to get more information from you (and request a consultation).
  • Handout on how to create a compelling talk title.
  • Checklist for everything you need on presentation day..

Register Now and Receive These Special Bonus Offers!


— Gift with Purchase #1: —
Two Presentation Experts Share Their Wisdom

(a) How to Become a Magnetic Speaker and Attract More Clients with (my presentation coach) Dianne Legro

One hour audio recording with Dianne Legro

dianne LegrowDianne Legro has heard hundreds of professionals in healing and helping professions tell her so. Join us in this fascinating informative look at the many ways speaking has changed to create the perfect opportunity right now for therapists to step out authentically and be successful speakers while, yes, feeling good about being onstage!

Dianne Legro is a leading coach in the field of embodied learning, voice empowerment, and authentic public speaking. She is a sought after specialist who coached me personally.

(b) “The Library is Closed – now what?” The first steps to reaching your audience in a virtual world.

One hour video recording with Jeremie Miller

Jeremie MillerHave you considered reaching out to your ideal clients via online technology but all the options left you a bit confused? Join Jeremie Miller, our Mr-all-things-online-tech-guru, as he shares the critical questions to ask yourself in order to create a successful online event. Here is what we will cover:

  1. Who are the ideal clients you are reaching out too? Knowing this helps you know how to best reach them
  2. Why you want to reach out to a group? Why the group wants to listen to you? After all, you need a purpose. They need a reason to come
  3. How to get them to come?
  4. What options to use for presenting to a group (teleseminar, vs webinar software, vs livestream)
  5. Next steps.- Leave with your next actions steps to get started connecting with your audience virtually.

— Gift with Purchase #2: —
How To Get More Referrals From the Community

(a) How to Get People to Say “Tell Me More!”with Julie Steelman

One hour video recording with Julie Steelman

Julie SteelmanIf you pause when someone asks you “So, what do you do for a living?” you won’t want to miss this presentation as Julie Steelman shares with us her template for talking about what you do so people get it and know you care.

Julie Steelman calls this “Claiming your sweet spot”.

(b) Spread Your Message for More Impact (and More Clients) with Elizabeth Marshall

One hour video recording with Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth MarshallYou have a message. You know you have been called to serve. You need to spread your message far and wide so that people can find you.
Join Elizabeth Marshall and she shares:

  1. How to break through the noise and talk about your message in the most relevant way.
  2. How to get and stay connected with those that need to hear about you and your message.
  3. Three criteria to evaluate the right strategies to get your message out.

What is the tuition?

I believe this program is actually worth thousands of dollars. (I don’t say that lightly.) Even if you get one or two clients from what you learn here, you will get your investment back several times over. That said, I wanted to make the investment for this program a no-brainer, so here you go:

Fill Your Appointment Book with Speaking

Two payments of $97, one today and one in 30 days

Who should consider this program?

Private Practitioners who…

  • Would like to know how to convert audience members into paying clients
  • Might consider speaking if they knew how to manage their nerves
  • Who have given presentations in the past but felt exhausted afterwards
  • Are looking to increase their credibility in their communities
  • Want to know how to prepare less and have more fun at a talk
  • Are looking for ways to increase their confidence in front of groups
  • Are tired of trying to keep up with the internet ‘hamster wheel’ of marketing.

Do you offer a guarantee or CEUs?

There is no money-back guarantee or refunds offered for this program. I have outlined the topics and content I plan to deliver and feel confident that this program will meet your expectations. If you have questions or are wondering if this is the right program for you, then please give us a call at 949.309.2590 ext 0 or send us an email at Support[at]InTLI[dot]com – and please replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with, well, a dot) – and we can look at your options. Sorry, we are unable to offer CEUs for this program.

If not now, when?

If it is time for you to get back into your community – and to connect with people who need you – in a way that allows you to use your best skills, then I look forward to hearing your successes! And if you feel our program might serve you, then join us and I look forward to sharing all this with you soon.

casey truffo

I can’t wait to share this with you. As always, I am holding the vision for you.

To your success,

P.S. If you have read this far, it means you are a forward thinking clinician who “gets it.” And I don’t want you to miss out. Here is a reminder of what you get with this program:

* 16 bite-sized videos with step-by-step instructions to help you attract paying clients with speaking easier than you ever thought possible. This includes the exact script I follow when offering a free consultation that turns audience members into clients. (I intentionally created short videos so you could review specific sessions as you need them without having to search everywhere for them. How cool is that?)

* 5 hours of speaking and networking wisdom from experts to whom I have paid a lot of money to learn what they will share with you as a ‘gift with purchase’ if you register before July 30, 2012.

* Sample letters to program directors and checklists to help you have a great event

* A sixty minute Q&A call where you can ask me any speaking question you have and I will answer as many as possible in that 60 minutes.

You in?

Fill Your Appointment Book with Speaking

Two payments of $97, one today and one in 30 days

50 Responses to Build Your Practice via Community Speaking Engagements Videos

  1. Judith Barnard says:

    Thank you, Casey! I listened to several of your free videos, and they are inspiring me to get out into the community and present. You presented some ideas which I had not thought of before…who to contact and how to sell myself to program directors, specifically. Much appreciated.


  2. Casey,
    Thank you for your free videos. I am looking forward to purchasing the book or CD (is the book on CD?). I just began contracted work one day /week with two friends who have had a practice for years. They are very supportive and we are branching out to offer trainings for therapists, students and other mental health professionals. Contact info and organizing who to present to i.e., what you refer to as the “Program Director” is difficult to identify in these areas. What do you think about contacting universities? Offering to speak to their students about the practice? Thanks again — couldn’t have come at a better time! Margaret

    • Casey and the Team says:

      YAY for you!
      When you book speaking engagements, you want to go where your ideal client hangs out — if that is universities, then yes go for it! If not, rethink it.

  3. Thank you Cassey! My hunches had motivated to start doing this at my new home at the Gold Coast in Australia. I have stated offering small presentations to the the network group meetings I attend – government and private ones.
    I liked your Handout video and its tips the best. It will become my tool for my next speaking session next Wednesday! 🙂

  4. Rachael says:

    Hi Casey. I wanted to thank you for these great videos. I took notes and hope to put them into practice very soon. I have a very part-time practice which has kept me from doing lots of expensive advertising because I don’t have a lot of availability. And have been a bit gun shy. I almost wish I had you here to hold my hand through this process. I will get there once I put my ideas together.

    • Casey, thank you for such valuable information! I will be listening in on Monday, 7/16/12. I am going to begin following your instructions regarding speakinf engagements and I will keep you posted.


  5. Justus Lewis says:

    Casey, thank you for these great practical suggestions. I also liked the way you did each video slightly differently.

  6. Irene Beldon says:

    Thank you Casey for your generosity sharing these ideas. I appreciate your practical yet sensitive approach.

  7. Casey, thank you for the timely and informative videos! I’m putting together my first public presentation for this Monday and I really needed to be reminded to keep it simple. I’ll be using your tips on handouts as well.

  8. Hi Casey, I have been working on practice building for a little over a year. I have done everything BUT speaking engagements.
    What I needed was a little bit of a push and some reinforcement about how to go about doing it. Thanks so much for providing these videos. It is really helpful.

  9. Paul Brogan says:

    Many thanks for the wonderful ideas on your video, especially your ideas on handouts. I enjoy public speaking and I really appreciate your ideas on having simple, easy to read, handouts. Many thanks for all you do, and for giving of your time and talent to therapists.

  10. Hi Casey,
    Thanks for the video workshop! I love how you give permission to keep it simple. I used your format on my last speaking engagement and it was so much more fun to engage with the audience and connect with them rather than dumping information on them. This allowed me to stay more in the heart instead of the head. Your approach is light and easy and made it fun for my audience and me. Thanks for your guidance!
    Take care,

  11. Casey – As ever, you are such an incredible catalyst for getting us out there and building our practices! Thanks for the reminder of the great tips and strategies. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom and keeping the fire lit! Best, Joanne

  12. Loved your video!! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me– almost like you read my mind. Thank you for your excitement, specific tips and your generosity. You set a great example for me, and all of us. Thanks again. Tori

  13. patty says:

    I really liked the fast pace of the videos. Less chatty than some of your presentations and more professional.

  14. Patricia says:

    Hi Casey
    I started with your book and have moved to your great services to us therapist working toward being weathly :). Being new in private practice I am sitting in my well put together office and wondering how to reach out. Your videos have given me a treasure of ideas. I am working with the small business bureau and along with your tips I am very hopeful.

  15. kim says:

    Casey- I just opened a practice in January and have been reading your book and watching your videos each step of the way. Thank you for your commitment to therapist in practice building. I have appreciated your videos and escpecially, #3. I look forward to hearing more on this topic!!


  16. Arolyn burns says:

    Thanks Casey
    I am doing a talk for San Bernardino Play Therapy on Stress and Anxiety relaxation tools and love your handout tips. Thanks tons.
    I appreciate your emails and free video shorts. You really practice what you preach. 🙂
    Happy Independence Day!

  17. lesley says:

    Thank you Casey. I didnt realise how simple it could be to connect into the community. I really enjoy public speaking and used to be a teacher so handouts are also a pleasure for me to create. Very useful information which I shall definitiely use.

  18. Casey, LOVE this! Your ideas on how to organize the handout are masterful … thank you thank you. :))) Looking forward to hearing more …

  19. Hi Casey
    It’s great to see somebody practicing what they preach. So true about not being taught how to set up, attract and operate your own business. Which makes me wonder how other Psychologists managed before. I think too that some Psychologists need help in finding their niche, creating their brand or personal style, and finally marketing themselves as a product. Aside from actually operating all the other business aspects such as invoicing, tax etc. It’s quite a lot to get your head around, but appreciate all your clear, focused and direct ideas. Warm regards, Sheree Holland, Affirmative Psychology, Burleigh Heads, Australia.

  20. Joan says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights. I need to try some of your suggesting ASAP! To much time prepping!


  21. Elena says:

    Dear Casey, I enjoyed all three videos very much. I am preparing to do some public speaking and have been wondering about a few tips that would help me give a memorable talk, as well as one that would attract new clients into my practice. I am especially happy to know that my speaking engagements do not have to be professional in the sense of preparing power points, etc. I lilke to talk freely as I would to a group of friends.
    Thanks so much. I am looking forward to your videos. Elena

  22. Linda Sutton says:

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to give tips on using workshop presentations as a means to get clients’. I really appreciate your support!

  23. Zora says:

    Perfect timing as usual. I’m giving my first presentation the end of the month. Feeling both excited and anxious–stage fright. I’m so glad that you reminded me to keep it simple. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love, Zora

  24. Thanks Casey for such relevant and timely information, your info is the fundation for keeping private practice alive. Its the art of ongoing marketing, networking , and attracting the most difficult to reach clients.

  25. Rosemary says:

    Thanks Casey. I really appreciate your videos and thoughts. You are there exactly when I need you.

  26. Albert Speranza says:

    Thank you, Casey. I appreciate your generosity and clarity. You are a great example of giving.

  27. Barbara Beck says:

    Hi Casey,
    I really appreciate the videos and great information you’ve offered! Thank you!

  28. John Rollins says:

    All your videos (and other info) are framed with grace, care and good cheer and the info is always honed and useful.
    You are appreciated!

  29. Your videos are always so helpful Casey!

  30. Mary says:

    Hi Casey,
    I was just speaking with a colleague about this last week. We both are considering doing some networking in the community (speaking with the Chamber of Commerce to start). Thanks for “reminding” me of something I have been putting off doing.

  31. donald baer says:

    Thanks for again helping me focus on what I need to be doing next. It’s summer in Texas (hot, hot) and things stay low-key for the next month or so, but that just gives me time to do some exploring of possibilities.

  32. Emma says:

    Hi Casey – thanks for the videos – I enjoyed them.
    And no your bra strap is not showing!!! on video 2
    Best wishes
    Emma 🙂

  33. Patty says:

    This is great info…thanks! When I started my practice I did a monthly talk on Friday nights in my waiting room, and that really helped get things flowing. But I’ve always been stumped by how/where to find other places to speak in my community. You’ve given me some good ideas for that. Also, I’m curious what you think about Meetup? So many people with shared interests are using it to come together in groups, and I’ve also seen counselors/therapists/coaches using it as a sort of “speaking” venue or way to showcase their work.

  34. Becky Azar says:

    Thanks for the video on community marketing. I’ve just been approached to do a community talk this fall and this gives me some good tips!

  35. Well done Casey Truffo. Clear succinct and practical in a time poor world. Thank you.

  36. Patricia says:

    Hi Casey,

    Thank you for the excellent training materials you continue to provide for us. Today’s videos came at a great time, as I already had an appointment scheduled with a local pastor. He said the greatest need for a workshop at his church would be around the topic of baby boomers caring for their aging parents.

    I’m finding it takes a lot of attempts to actually get an appointment with a leader of an organization, (five or six tries over two months) but once I do, they are responsive to the idea of hosting a workshop. So now I’m curious… the leaders voice their interest, and they are planning some type of an event in the fall, but what is the next step for me to take?

    Thanks for breaking the process into small steps. Since we were not taught marketing in school, it helps to get ideas from a beginner’s perspective.

    Best wishes, Patricia

  37. Stephanie says:

    I always look forward to your videos Casey, always information – practical yet full of heart!
    I was really pleased and relieved to hear your comments on the perils of having a purely internet
    business. You clearly expressed a feeling of concern that had been bothering me about the internet –
    feelings of not reaching the people we want to, and concerns of putting all our eggs in one basket.
    Thanks Casey

  38. Ellen Adams says:

    I am going to put these ideas into practice. I love these ideas and think I can make a go of it. I will keep you all updated as to how I have done.

  39. phillippa says:

    I am starting out all over again in a new area and really appreciation all your suggestions and timely information.
    sincere gratitude, Phillippa

  40. Clinton says:

    Great info here, as always Casey. I like your idea of thinking about your ‘big idea’ before you launch into working out where to speak. I think the follow up is really important as well. Persistance pays off!

  41. ariel says:

    Very helpful — clear and concise. I have often wondered how to find groups that need speakers, and would never have thought of looking at calendars in the newspaper.
    Thank you! Ariel

    • Casey and the Team says:

      Yay! Ariel! Glad it sparked you. Also, feel free to ask everyone you meet, “Do you know anyone looking for a speaker?” Then talk about your passion.
      Take care!

  42. You’ve put together the sort of video I find helpful: Direct and Practical. Now, if I can find the focus and energy to put these simple ideas into practice…

    I’m even more excited to see what you have to say in your “Beyond Private Practice”. Thanks much!


    • Casey and the Team says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and glad you found it helpful.
      I am curious what you mean when you say, “If I can find the focus and energy to put these simple ideas into practice..” What do you think is stopping you? 🙂

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