Believing You Can

Believe. You Can!  Belief:  Confidence, Faith, Trust.

Have you ever noticed that what you believe is what you achieve?

I don’t necessarily mean this in any kind of woo-woo or “out-there” way (though there is a lot written about your thoughts becoming things and manifesting what you want through the power of your emotions). But I meant that your beliefs, good or bad, big or small, create how you see yourself.

And how you see yourself determines what you do.

This is why it’s so crucial to identify and uncover the limiting beliefs that define your viewpoint and perspective on the world. (And yes, we all have them).

We all have fears about not having enough, running out of money, losing out on love, not reaching our goals, not having the body we want- and so on and on and on and on.

These fears can sometimes overtake us, and wreak havoc on our bodies, our well-being, and our sense of personal confidence.

When we believe, when we have confidence, faith, and trust, we are naturally adept, spontaneous, and nimble. We are able to respond- not react- to changing circumstances- and to do this with our grace and good humor intact.

When we have fallen out of belief, we find ourselves overreacting to everything, feeling overwhelmed, and hopeless about getting what we want.

This is why it’s crucial for all of us to do those things which help us believe in ourselves. Like in Maslow’s hierarchy, we start with the basics:

1)  Good food, pure water, adequate rest.
2)  We make plans and take actions for our comfort and security.
3)  We build our close relationships.
4)  We set goals in the outer world and work to achieve them.

If you are having any fears or doubts about yourself, can I, as your mentorcoach, ask you to please start with the basics and work your way up from there?

You can build great things on a solid foundation.

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