Being a CEO Is An Inside Job

Being a CEO Is An Inside Job When I first began Be A Wealthy Therapist, I primarily focused on practice building coaching- how to market your practice to get more clients.

As I grew in my own mentorcoaching skills, I began to realize that, in many cases, therapists didn’t have full practices not because they didn’t know WHAT to do– but because they had some internal conversations or dialogues which were preventing them from doing what they needed to do.

Marketing skills can be taught- I’ve been teaching them for more than a decade now. And did you know that clients who complete our coaching programs earn, on average, more than 10x what they invest to be in our programs? I am proud our programs work so well.

So marketing skills can be taught, as I just mentioned. But being a CEO is an inside job. This means that growing as a CEO is not something that can be taught- it can only be grown into being.

When new clients start in our coaching programs, they are really focused on WHAT they need to do – the skills. Yet, after a time, they realize that WHO they are is equally important.

In the safe container of coaching, they are able to uncover what they are really passionate about, what they vision for their practice, and, most importantly, are provided a safe and welcoming space to grow as CEO’s.

Even though the marketing skills I teach work really well- the internal growth I see in these clients makes me at least equally proud- if not even somewhat more proud. (As a therapist, how could I NOT relish personal growth in my clients?)  🙂

So if you find that you know what marketing you need to do, but you’re just not doing it- or not doing it consistently, I would invite you to consider if your inner- CEO needs a bit of strengthening.

The world of private practice ownership and stewardship can be exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling – if you have your insides all lined up right.

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