Beat The Isolation of Private Practice

Let’s face it- being a therapist can be a lonely and isolating experience. You are with people all day, of course, but you focus on them. You hardly see your colleagues, except when running down the hall for a quick lunch or bio break. Your whole days go in a series of back to back appointments, where you are providing empathic and breakthrough service, but, at the end of the day, you can’t decide if you want to spend time with other people or just be left alone.

You look at your numbers and wonder if you’ll have enough sessions to cover your expenses this month. You notice that your back hurts a little bit- all that sitting and not enough time to exercise.

Mostly, though, you notice that you are feeling isolated in building your private practice, and you wonder if there is another way.

The good news is, yes, there is!

One way to break through the isolation of private practice is to spend time having new experiences. This can be reading books for new ideas, or meeting new people at networking events, or making time for a busy and full life outside of the therapy room.

As a therapist, you are your main business asset, so it’s vital you take good care of yourself.

The keys to happiness, at least from a self-deterministic perspective, are that we need to be connected, we need to feel competent, and we need to feel autonomous.

When you look back over your past week, did you make time for connections? Did you feel skilled and capable in your work? Do you feel that you’re making good decisions for yourself and your business, ones that are not motivated by fear, anxiety, or worry?

Would you like more of that?

Then please do join me for my upcoming More Income for YOU! Conference. It’s a three day training event where we’ll look at ways to build a more profitable and innovative therapy business that brings you more connection, greater competency in key business areas, and more feelings of autonomy.

Our More Income For YOU! event is just a few weeks away- and it’s another step towards breaking the isolation of private practice.

Learn more and register here:
Can’t wait to see you there!

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