Attract Clients with Empathy

Attract Clients with EmpathyOne of the coaching tools we use in the Be A Wealthy Therapist coaching programs is The Empathy Map. The Empathy Map is a way of understanding your target audience- who they are, what they want, what they fear- and using this empathic understanding to join with them in your marketing.

Wait. Am I saying that you can build a therapeutic connection right in your marketing? Yes you can. Here’s how:

When your client is seeking a therapist, he or she is likely stressed, worried, and perhaps overwhelmed. (After all, few people seek therapy when everything is going amazingly well, right?). So imagine that your client is trying to find the right therapist to call- and they come to your website.

On your website, you have thoughtful, meaningful, and therapeutic messaging that helps the client feel connected to you, and helps them feel understood, and as if you could help them. So they pick up the phone and call you to set the appointment.

When you ask them how they found you, or why they called you, they say, “Your website copy spoke to me. You sounded like you understood exactly what I am going through, and I felt like you were talking directly to me. I feel like maybe you can help me.

And that’s a perfect example of how empathy can let you join with your potential clients before they even call.

Do you want to build your own Empathy Map and use it to attract clients?

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Marketing Bootcamp- style.

Empathy is one of our most powerful marketing approaches. Let’s help you utilize it!

Love and Blessings,

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