Are You Really Free?

Be a Wealthy Therapist

One of the joys of private practice (at least initially) is the idea that you can work when you want, set your fees as you like, and have the freedom to run your business as you choose.

When you’re sitting in your agency job, where you are told who you’ll see and what you’ll help them with, and maybe even how long you can work with them- the freedom of private practice seems alluring and exciting.

You think about decorating your office how YOU want. You think about working when YOU want. You think about moving to a cash pay practice, so you can be more profitable.

Yet, for many of you, the reality of private practice is not that.

Instead of working whenever you choose; you find that you’re always working.

Instead of having money flow easily; you feel pressured and under financial stress.

Instead of the life balance you planned for; you find yourself wearing so many hats at once (clinician, marketer, CEO, visionary) that you feel like you’re always working- or always thinking about work.

So- are you really free?

Or have you simply traded one kind of situation for another?

If you feel that private practice is not all that you thought it would be, I’ll tell you why that is.

First, it’s probably because you are not taking good care of yourself, the business owner. This can mean the basic things like eating well, exercising, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones. And it can also mean that you’re putting your patient’s needs ahead of your own. If you have office policies that are too soft, your practice bleeds money.

Second, it’s probably because you keep cycling between all the roles you must fill, and never get a chance to sit back and just think. Having space to think is crucial for helping you decide where to focus and what is worth your investment of time and energy.

Third, it’s probably because you don’t know how to move to the next level in your own development as a business owner.

If you feel that any (or all) of these apply to you, you’re not alone. This is exactly the kinds of areas that therapists seek business coaching in- and exactly what we help our clients with.

We help them learn how to take care of themselves better, how to create stronger office policies, how to fill all their roles with more ease and grace, and, ultimately, how to create time to think so they can move to their next level of development.

All of these are crucial for having the practice you want- and for finally being truly free.

We can help you get there:

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