Add Clinicians Learning Video 1

Video #1: How Much Can You Make When Adding Clinicians to Your Practice?

Ready to join us for the class and learn how you can add associates to your practice?

Details and registration here.

4 Responses to Add Clinicians Learning Video 1

  1. Michelle Muff says:

    Very interesting and tempting to look into this. My doubt is that I am from a small rural area and not sure where I would find the “other” clinicians.

  2. The video is filled with wonderful information and the excitement of possibilities. I am currently a Ruby 6 member and my practice is all cash and I am roughly 75% full. I am feeling very tempted to participate in this class but I am not sure if I am jumping the gun here – as I am often temped to do. Wondering if I should wait and work with Arie on this when the time comes??

    What I really liked about the video is that it spoke right to my entrepreneurial mind. I love managing and working with others and growing my business!!! Thanks so much for sharing the love and the possibilities.

  3. Bobbi says:

    This is exactly where I am! I have two interns that I am interviewing, and I have a wonderful space that I can add an office two offices up to three offices at any time, making this a counseling center. I do need support and encouragement, as well as legal and ethical mechanics of doing all of this. I need more vacations! I have more clients then I have time. Just what I prayed for and visualized ! Now the next step…

  4. Jeri Bell says:

    very interesting! I am actually exploring working for an established therapist. I love the work, but am not interested in the management aspects.

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