Full Practice? Let’s Increase Your Impact and Income with Additional Clinicians (FreeTeleclass)

Dear Therapist Colleague,

At first the dream is the full practice, right? But often people find that full caseloads can lead to loneliness, burnout, and worry about how they can sustain that success.

So what do you do when your caseload is full and you still have a desire to serve more people and increase your income?

Let Joe Bavonese and I share with you how he generates an additional $40,000 of PROFIT each month with his team of 24 clinicians. We will tell you exactly what you can do to have this type of impact in your community.

Join us for our FREE TELESEMINAR:

“Increase Your Impact and Income: How to Have Paid Time Off, Help More People, and Generate Thousands of Dollars of Income By Adding Clinicians to Your Practice”

Thursday, January 22, 2015, 7pm ET (4pm PT) – taught over the phone /internet.

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Here’s what we will reveal on this FREE cutting-edge training call:

• How adding clinicians to your practice can reduce the loneliness of private practice and accelerate your business growth!

• The 5 problems that having a full caseload can cause even the most secure clinician!

• The 8 Specific Actions You Need to Take to Successfully Run a Multi-Clinicians Practice

• The critical systems (there are 9 of them!) that you need to create to easily manage a Multi-Clinicians Practice.

• Our ‘Lead Generating Magnet’ formula that will help you continue to attract new and ideal clients.

Plus, we’ll be answering your most pressing questions about adding clinicians LIVE! This call is FREE, but space is limited – please all in 5 minutes before the hour!

And we will share more details about our upcoming 6-week course for those of you who want more support and guidance as you add clinicians (including checklists and templates you can use immediately).

Looking forward to having you on the call.

To your success,
Casey and Joe

P.S. Ready to have Joe and I to guide and mentor you as you get started with your adding clinicians to your practice? Consider joining our 6-week course: How to Generate Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars of Passive Income by Adding Clinicians to Your Practice. We start January 26! Learn more here.

P.P.S. Can’t make the call? Register anyway and we will send you the replay within 24-48 hours.

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