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Get Started the RIGHT WAY

Save time, reduce frustration and be profitable from the start with support from Joe and Casey

Here is what is in store for you as a member of this exclusive program for NEW group practice owners.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Be exposed to new information, strategies, and support to create a robust, smooth-running, profitable, and fun Group Practice
  • Understand the six roles of the Therapy Business CEO – and learn how to improve your skills in each role
  • Find out which of your CEO roles is less efficient and learn what to do about it!
  • Get answers to every question you’ve ever had about growing your Group Practice, from people who have done this for over 15 years
  • End feelings of isolation by joining a phenomenal ‘network of support’ – and get honest, compassionate feedback from colleagues who totally understand what you’re dealing with every day
  • Identify hidden opportunities for increased revenue and profit

You will also learn how to:

  • Develop ‘turn-key’ operational systems that improve efficiency and free up your time
  • Run the practice efficiently, so it doesn’t run you!
  • Discover which responsibilities you can really let go of, to reduce your overwhelm and improve your work-life balance
  • Hire clinical and admin staff who are excited to be part of your team – and then create a compelling work culture that people love to be part of
  • Make crucial practice decisions based on data rather than impulsivity or fear
  • Increase the number of new client inquiries dramatically
  • Ethically improve retention of existing clients
  • Identify and move past limiting beliefs (Yes, we all have them)


Based on your level of ambition, we are offering TWO opportunities to help YOU build the Group Practice you truly desire – both with a goal of helping you create more profit, less stress, and more fun.

Option 1: Adding Clinicians (Group Practice) Ruby Program
for New Group Practice Owners

This is a one-year mentorship for the New Group Practice owner who wants training, and monthly group accountability and support to start their group practice easily and intelligently. Save time and costly mistakes by learning the best ways to build your group practice from the beginning.

audio6-module intensive, home study class (Adding Clinicians) that you can take at your leisure. Learn about getting started on the right foot, early decisions you must make, finding and hiring your first (or second) clinician, knowing your numbers, learning how much to pay your clinicians so you don’t go broke, developing duplicatable systems, being the boss and much more. The class comes with worksheets and sample checklists to help you start your group practice.


Your year-long Ruby mentorship also includes 12 group coaching calls (one per month) with Joe and Casey – which includes both teaching segments followed by Q&A. Get your questions answered, stay motivated, work through stuck spots, and have a group with whom to share successes.


teaching2-Day Live Event – For two days we will get together for in-person training, personal feedback, motivation, and FUN – In early 2018 join us live in the southwest for a 2-day live event just for this mentorship. We will have two full days to get in-person feedback from one-another and talk about Group Practice concerns and successes – plus the opportunity to get up-close and personal inside Joe and Casey’s practices. Learn what Joe and Casey do about their stuck places and what is working/not working for them. You’ll get any current strategies, systems and marketing ideas that Joe and Casey are implementing. Attendance at this live event will only be for people in this mentorship. There is no extra charge for this event. However, you will be responsible for your travel, hotel and food expenses.


teaching“Integrity Day,” Half-way through the program, you are invited to join Casey and your peers for an ‘Integrity Day.’ The Integrity Day is a one-day virtual event – where you step away from seeing clients for the day – to make significant progress on all those ‘to do’ items on your list that you never seem to have time for. Here is how it works: At the beginning of the day, we will check in together and set our objectives for the morning. Just before lunch, we will check in to report progress and set our goals for the afternoon. At the end of the day, we will do a final check-in and cheer for each member’s successes! Past participants have used the Integrity Day to document their systems, make progress on their marketing plan, and create their ‘CEO Dashboard.’


questionOnline forum – a private, “members only” online community where you can post questions, and get support and answers from your peers and Joe and Casey. No more waiting for the next month’s group coaching call – post your idea, question, concern or challenge and get a response within hours! The online community is a powerful part of the program which will help you get support and successfully deal with whatever comes up in your Group Practice, in a very timely manner.



BONUS # 1: Personalized Profit and Loss Review. Casey’s husband Bob is a 35-year accountant, and he and Casey will look at your Profit and Loss report and help you “understand the numbers.” Most small businesses fail because people do not know their numbers. With this review, you will learn how to read your P&L reports monthly to make sure you are on track for success. Casey and Bob will help you identify how well your practice is doing financially and identify potential areas to improve profit or reduce expenses.



BONUS # 2: An additional home-study program from Casey:

How to Attract Clients with Speaking- how to turn audience members into clients

Option 2: Adding Clinicians (Group Practice) Emerald Program for New Group Practice Owners : all the teaching, support, and community of the Ruby program PLUS individual coaching

The Adding Clinicians (Group Practice) Emerald Program is a one-year mentorship for the Group Practice owner, which enables you to further customize your learning to the unique, specific needs of your practice. You get all the benefits of the Ruby program – ALONG WITH individual coaching from Casey – resulting in maximum accountability and application of everything you are learning.

Here’s what you get in addition to all the features of the Ruby program:


teachingAn individual, three-hour VIP day (over the phone) with Casey to kick off the program. The VIP day is a 3-hour assessment of your practice CEO roles. We look at your ‘client journey’ from how clients hear about your through termination. We address operational procedures that are missing or could be improved as well as limiting beliefs that might keep you from having the success you want. This ‘kickoff’ can help identify what to do first/next and create realistic goals for your year in this mentorship.


audio11 additional 45-minute one-on-one coaching calls (over the phone – one per month) with Casey to help you stay on-course and accountable as well as help you navigate your personal journey. Are you struggling with staffing this month? We can work on that. Not sure you have your finances set up correctly? We can address that. The individual coaching time is your time to make sure you are feeling supported and moving forward with individualized support.


questionJust-In-Time monthly coaching – 15 minutes when you need it. Need a quick answer? Once a month you can text Casey, and within 48 hours you and Casey will pop on the phone with you for 15 minutes of Just-In-Time coaching. Just-In-Time coaching can be a huge help when you have a situation needing a quick decision or emergency action. You don’t have to go through this alone. (NOTE: the individual coaching sessions and the Just-In-Time monthly coaching sessions do not roll over to the next month. They must be used each month or forfeited.)


audioTHREE ADDITIONAL BONUS group one-hour calls – go in-depth on topics such as
Developing a CEO Dashboard’ with key performance indicators w/Casey
‘Attracting Clients with Speaking’ w/Casey OR ‘Outcome Measures as a Marketing Tool’ w/Casey
‘Internet Marketing” (with Joe)


questionMORE BONUSES: Two additional home study programs from Casey:
Therapy Business Finances and
Therapy Business Essentials (how to create operation procedures and systems for your practice – with samples)

EARLY ACTION BONUS: Apply by 10/17/17 and be eligible for:

  • $300 discount on your first payment
  • —New video by Joe on “How to Build a Successful Adwords Campaign”
  • New video by Casey on “How to Write Client Attractive Psychology Today Listings for Your Associates”


Option 1: Adding Clinicians Ruby Program for New Group Practice Owners:

Payment Option: $1,000 deposit and 12 monthly payments of $399 (total: $5,788)
Pay In Full Option: $5,388 (save $400)


Option 2: Adding Clinicians Emerald Program for New Group Practice Owners:

Payment Option: $1,500 deposit and 12 payments of $799 (total: $11,088)
Pay In Full Option: $10,288 (save $800)

The fine print:

  • These mentorship programs are not drop-in programs. You are committing to the full 12-months. Our goal is to help you build the Group Practice you really want and not ‘quit before the miracle.’ And what we as business owners know is that building a Group Practice is a marathon – not a sprint. There are no ‘quickie’ ways to long-term success. We are ready to partner with you – shoulder to shoulder to help you build the business you want. We want you to be successful, so we are only taking people who are motivated and ready to move their business to the next level. No refunds will be granted.
  • All group calls will be recorded so you can listen and learn again and again.
  • Participants will be accepted by application and interview only.

Ready? To apply, please click here to fill out your application here.