How to Move from Clinician to Boss of Your Group Practice

Are you Running a Group Practice?
But not yet finding the success – or profit – that you hoped for?

Many Group Practice owners start with great confidence and excitement about the possibility of passive income; reducing their own therapy hours; providing services for a larger number of clients in their community, and creating a close team of associates. But when many people start a Group Practice, they often discover:

  • They work MORE hours than in their solo practice
  • They can’t reduce their own therapy hours because they need the income to meet their suddenly greater expenses
  • Clinical associates are hard to find and sometimes difficult to manage
  • Switching from being a therapist to being “the Boss” is more of a difficult transition than they expected
  • They feel isolated with no one to talk about the myriad challenges that they are facing every day

Fortunately, there are solutions to every one of these challenges!

Casey and Joe are right there in the trenches, running Group Practices every day. Moreover, they have coached hundreds of Group Practice owners in dealing with these issues. They have the skill, knowledge and practical strategies you need to get your Group Practice in optimal shape, to fulfill the vision you had when you started it.

Working fewer hours and make more money? Yes, that is a real possibility when you get the right help and support.

Is it time for you to get the support, ease, advice, and profit you want for your group practice?

Consider joining Joe and Casey for:
Advanced Adding Clinicians Year-Long Mentorship


Imagine where your group practice can be one year from now? Will you have addressed those pesky, limiting beliefs? Will you be assured that your compensation formula is right? Will you finally have more ease and more profit? And not feel so alone….

In our new year-long mentorship program, Joe Bavonese and Casey Truffo will help you to get out of your own way and have the business you dream of!

We will look at EVERY aspect of how you structure and run your business – and that’s how we will help you find new opportunities for time-saving efficiencies; increased profit; enhanced staff cohesion and comfort with ALL the roles of being the CEO of your Group Practice. That, in turn, is the path to the fulfillment of the vision you had when you started your Group Practice.

And you will NEVER feel alone with the support and feedback of Casey, Joe and other Group Practice owners who understand exactly what you are dealing with – and are there to help you whenever the need arises.

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