5 Resolutions for Your Business

A new year always brings with it a sense of new possibilities and heightened expectations. We often set goals to improve ourselves as human beings and to get rid of our bad habits. This takes a lot of willpower, and we are sometimes successful.

I think it’s equally important to set resolutions for your business. As you may know, I have been teaching about the 5 ingredients of being a happy, healthy, wealthy therapy business owner. The 5 ingredients are money wisdom, strategy, creation, action, and perspective.

You can see these ingredients here:

Be a Wealthy Therapist

When I teach from this model, I share that there are specific actions you can take in each area that will significantly improve your income and your business.

Here are the 5 specific actions I would ask that you take, one from each of these 5 areas:

Money Wisdom: Start enforcing your no-show or late cancellation policy with all new clients. (If you don’t have one, create one.) This one step alone can bring you thousands of dollars in 2015.

Strategy: Review your ideal client profile (empathy map) and make sure you really understand what is in the head and heart of your preferred client.

Creation: Decide on three marketing actions that are likely to attract your ideal client.

Action: Calendar those marketing tasks and take action each week on your marketing plan.

Perspective: Keep a positive attitude about practice building. (After all, you don’t HAVE to be a therapy business owner. You could work at a hospital or agency. If you WANT to be a therapy business owner, let’s stay positive.)

These 5 resolutions will set a strong foundation for your 2015 success.

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