What is YOUR Marketing Personality Type?

As you know, everyone has their own gifts and talents.

I learned this long ago when working in the psych hospitals. Some of us were better with the angry patients and some were better with the non-verbal ones.

The same is true in marketing. To me, I think it is crazy that there would be one way to market your practice – because that wouldn’t take into consideration our gifts and preferences.

That is why I created the 4 Marketing Personality Types. For a refresher of the 4 marketing personality types (and to identify how to use your personality gifts to attract clients), watch my new 2-minute video below and then share your type in the comments section. I read every one!

7 Responses to What is YOUR Marketing Personality Type?

  1. Great idea, Casey. I never thought about writing a treatment plan for my business. I’ll get that one done right away. Thanks.

  2. Kathy says:

    I had a “light bulb” go off as I watched this:)
    I am an introvert and readily define myself that way, but as I saw this I realized that recently I have been embracing my creative side in the non-work part of my life and now it is time to value it and pull it into marketing my business.

  3. Thanks Casey. It’s good to know I can market with my personality style rather than try to stuff myself into a different style!

  4. Joel says:

    So I liked this but it wasn’t enough info on each type. I would tend towards the creative one but also the extrovert. But one thing I want to do differently is not just have clients I see for counseling but equip, encourage, and enrich church leaders to better understand, acknowledge and improve the lives of those in their churches with chronic mental illness. I guess this is more me becoming a speaker and less a therapist. So it would fit in the creative category. So for me it would be trying to find creative ways to get in front of church leaders and share my knowledge and expertise.

  5. Vicki Allen says:

    You can “pull down” the play bar in order to see the captions
    I think I am a mix of the introvert and creative – but I am drawn to using web-based technology to market my business, because it works!

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