Attract Clients with Speaking (How To Turn Audience Members Into Clients) Sixty-Minute QA Conference Call

I look forward to answering your questions on Monday, July 30th at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern!

To help me prepare best for our time together, please leave your questions you have around all-things-speaking and how you can use this to build your practice in the comment box below.

Reminder: I do encourage you to watch the videos before our QA Conference Call first because they will get you really prepared to get your deepest questions answered.

So excited to be sharing this with you!

Many blessings,

9 Responses to Attract Clients with Speaking (How To Turn Audience Members Into Clients) Sixty-Minute QA Conference Call

  1. I am thinking of doing a morning breakfast meeting with several large physician groups located in my area and doing a small presentation. I have experience with this from a previous career in health care. I was wondering if it would be appropriate or ethical to offer the Dr’s an incentive discount for therapy sessions of immediate family members in exchange for referrals?

  2. How important is appearance in these speaking engagements? Do I dress in a suit or more casual to seem more approaachable

  3. RW says:

    I struggle with wanting to use speaking opportunities as a way of educating and engaging the public in topics of interest to me first, and marketing myself and my MFT practice second. I appreciate that the two are distinct goals – can you speak to the idea of blending marketing into a more educational talk? For example, I gave a talk to a church group on the Hero’s Journey, which included many of your engaging pointers (so glad to see them concretized – I was shooting from the hip) – but I didn’t have the know-how for turning it into a marketing event without making it feel like one. The talk was well received, and I’ve been invited to return to speak again, but it would be lovely to get some clients from such ventures…

  4. Ann Taylor says:

    I am in a VERY small town (central valley). They have not had a therapist for over 12 years. I am trying to get speaking appointments but I get the impression they dont believe there is a therapist. Perhaps they think I am a big corporation and not a local private practice. People don’t even think therapy. The local schools and dr.s don’t refer to therapy as a part of practice. How do I get them to believe I am not a mythical being but a member of the community and to use me?

  5. Bryce says:

    My movement/message is about “straight” fathers parenting gay youth. I have limited resources and mobility (public transportation). I have never given a speaking presentation for now to promote my business and earn income. Not sure of venue for first talk. My current idea is to request invite (using your template) from progressive churches in my local area. Is this a good place to start? And what should be the best approach so I don’t (“offend”) or turn off in the start?

  6. Lili Hudson says:

    I struggle with how to present in a short time frame. I’ve spoken on EFT-Tapping in a mini training format (like to give an experience) – I can’t seem to manage that in less than 45 minutes. Some lunch meetings give only 15 minutes. I can speak about hypnosis (“everything you’ve wanted to know but were afraid to ask”, maybe). I’ve heard you say that you have the same basic talks, but renamed and repackaged. Do you still suggest this?

    Looking forward to more of your wisdom! And thanks!

  7. Cynthia Myers-Morrison says:

    Hi Casey,
    I am an educator, lifelong learner, and a therapist. How might I best gather people to learn about topics, e.g., shame or guilt: how to be responsible instead; getting your family ready to go back to school; and intimacy and 12 step programs?

  8. JK says:

    How do I approach community venues (NAMI, SOSL [survivors of suicide loss] etc.)? Do I actually “know enough” to give presentations & respond to audience questions (some folks are harder to answer than others)?

  9. Deb Lyman says:

    Hi Casey,
    I am planning on doing a joint talk with a natropathic doctor. How would you recommend we handle the feedback forms?

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