Attract More Clients

You have put a lot of time, heart and energy into becoming the clinician that you are. We want your business to be just as successful—financially successful. Then you have the means and energy to make the difference that you want. (And have a great life too!)

Here are some of our programs and courses designed to help you attract more clients and create leveraged income.

1. Be A Wealthy Therapist: Finally You Can Make a Living Making a Difference Book

You got into this business to help people – and you deserve to make a good and honest living. This book takes a look at the two biggest issues that hold us back – discomfort with money and marketing. Let’s get past that so you can have the financially successful business you want.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Our 7 point plan to improve your relationship with money
  • The 4 marketing personality types – find yours!
  • A marketing buffet of 17 different marketing activities you can sample and decide which work best for you.

This is the book you should have received with your graduate school diploma.

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2. How To Build Your Full and Rewarding Private Practice—our complete self study course

Ready to get your phone ringing? Create that marketing plan and start attracting clients with our step-by-step “soup to nuts” workbook complete with exercises, checklists and bonus audio files.

Learn about how to talk about what you do, get a more detailed description (and instructions) on the 17 different marketing activities – including how to get past the gatekeepers at churches, doctors’ offices and schools.

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3. Turn Audience Members into Paying Clients with Speaking Engagements (a self study course)

Many community organizations are having difficulty finding speakers. This is great news because speaking is actually one of the most efficient uses of your time.

Imagine presenting to a roomful of potential prospects – and then having a system to turn them into paying clients. How cool is that?

In this program, you will discover:

  • How to reduce your preparation time and deliver a presentation easier than you ever thought possible. (HINT: It is about facilitating a group discussion rather than presenting too much content.)
  • How to connect with program directors to get the speaking engagement (including sample letters and scripts)
  • And the BEST PART: How to use a feedback form and a free consultation to get those audience members into your office.

You can get started today! Learn more about our Turn Audience Members into Paying Clients »

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