Is Managing your Therapy Business Running You Ragged and Leaving You Overwhelmed?

Dear Therapist Colleague,

Most private practitioners start their therapy business with two goals in mind: Help People and Be Our Own Boss.

In the beginning, it can be so fun!! Getting a space…seeing those first few clients…and doing so on our own terms without having to answer to an agency or government hierarchy.

We start marketing our practice and wow – MORE people are coming! How cool is that!

As we get busier, we start to have thoughts like these:

  • “I want to be considerate of my clients, but when they cancel last minute, it really upsets me. And I am losing money!”
  • “This paperwork is taking forever – is there a way to make it easier/faster?”
  • “So many people who call for appointments don’t end up making one. I don’t know why.”
  • “Last month I had a lot of clients – this month not so many. Is my business in trouble?”
  • “How do I pay myself? Do I just take money as I need it from the business? Isn’t it my money after all?”

If you are working really hard in your practice but not seeing the results and freedom you expected, please read on.

You see, at first most of us think that building a successful therapy business is all about getting clients in the door. And that is certainly part of it. But as more and more clients come into the practice, the work it takes to manage the practice also grows. What used to take a few minutes at the end of the day can now lead into late evenings and weekend work.

You can do all the marketing you want to fill your bucket but if your bucket has holes, how much do you really benefit?

Simple tasks like finishing treatment notes, handling rescheduling requests, and returning new client calls – and especially the finances – can feel exhausting. And when we are this tired, who has time for more marketing?

And I know the irritation that can come when you braved the weather (or a head cold) to come into the office only to find voicemails from clients saying they can’t make it in. This leads to worries about income fluctuation .

All therapists have these challenges. So how can we design our businesses to give us the income, ease, and freedom we longed for when we opened our doors?

The Answer is Simple:

You Need Systems.

A system is a set of procedures or tasks organized in a certain way so they can be executed again and again ensuring a consistent result. By documenting how you accomplish the tasks in your business, you can save time, increase efficiency, provide a better experience for your clients, and increase your profitability.

You probably have a lot of systems in your business – or rather in your head – already.

For example, you have a certain set of tasks that you perform when you go on vacation. You may not be aware how many steps go into closing your office for vacation. They may be something like these:

Office Closing for Vacation Procedure

Two weeks prior to the vacation:

  • Get Agreement from a colleague to be on call for you
  • Discuss with the on-call colleague any concerns you have for current clients
  • Explain to the on-call colleague how you would like him/her to handle calls from current clients
  • Explain to the on-call colleague how you would like him/her to handle new client inquiries
  • Get the colleagues phone number for your outgoing voicemail message
  • Notify your clients x days in advance (and explain the on-call procedure)

Three days before vacation:

  • Make sure all bills that might come due while you are away are paid in advance or scheduled while you are gone
  • Address any housekeeping needs such as mail delivery, banking or plant watering that needs to be done while you are away
  • Make sure any clinical matters (billing or adjunct referral inquiries) that are due are completed

Last day before vacation:

  • Connect with the on-call colleague with any last minute instructions and your contact info while away
  • Change your voicemail greeting to include:
    • Thanks so much for calling the counseling office of xx. I am away from the office and will be returning on mm/dd. I look forward to returning your call upon my return. If you would like to speak to a counselor before then, please call my colleague, (name), at (number)…that is (name) at (number). I look forward to speaking to you when I return. Take care.
  • Close the office door and have fun!

Every time you go on vacation, you perform this simple set of routines. But when your systems are documented – in the form of a simple checklist or as a flowchart – you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. You don’t have to worry about ‘what am I forgetting?’ You simply pull out your system and check off the tasks as you complete them.

Imagine the freedom. Imagine the ease.

Now, imagine if you had systems for other tasks in your business – such as how you handle new intake calls – or schedule clients – handle client terminations – even save for taxes. As you create systems several amazing things happen:

  • You begin to relax – you do not have to keep so much in your head all the time.
  • Your clients begin to have a consistent experience. They know what to expect and feel good and safe.
  • You can someday (maybe someday soon!) bring in someone to help you – and they will know exactly how you want things done since the system is documented. (And then the client gets a consistent experience regardless of who helps them.)
  • You spend less time and effort struggling to manage your business.
  • You become more profitable as your money systems become systematized too.

What about the financial systems for your business?

I’ve said it before – small businesses fail at an alarming rate because those small business owners did not pay attention to the numbers in their businesses. How do you do that? You guessed it. Systems. You can create systems so that billing and deposits are done regularly to help with current cash flow. You can create systems to save money for the times when business gets slow. You can create systems to monitor your income and expenses to make sure you are spending money you HAVE and saving money for taxes and emergencies.

And what I’ve seen after working with dozens of therapists is that simple systems and procedures, implemented regularly and consistently around cancellations and no-shows, can increase the bottom line by between $2,000 and $4,000 a year!

It is time you took your time back, increased your profitability and made things easier.

I am tired of seeing so many well-meaning therapists work so hard, feel overwhelmed, and be confused about how well their business is doing. It is time to share with you what I know about the systems you need in your therapy business. Please join me for our newest training:

Therapy Business Essentials:

The Systems You Need To Run Your Business With Ease

March 30 – June 22, 2015
taught by Casey Truffo


Here are the goals for this program:

1. To share with you the essential systems that every private practice needs.

2. To help you create and monitor those systems so that you run your business with ease (and knowledge!)

3. To help you stop guessing on how to manage your practice and do what works.

4. To help you find the money-leaks and time-stealers in your business and help you feel less overwhelmed so that you can truly enjoy the freedom you craved.

At the end of this program, if you participate and do the lessons and exercises, you will start to create your Operations Manual – the systems you need – to become the CEO you need to be.

I am going to share with you what I learned from being a counseling center owner – along with my years as a corporate vice president and two decades as a therapist.

In this program we show you the process of how to create:

  • Your Client Journey Systems including
    • Intake Call Scripts (and how to assess how well you are converting calls to clients)
    • Client Assessment for appropriateness (How you decide this is a good client for you)
    • Client Scheduling including appointment confirmation and reminders
    • Client Payment and Billing Procedures
    • Client Referral Process (to allied partners or if you choose not to see the client)
    • Client Termination
    • Client Reactivation
  • Your Clinical Systems including
    • Session length (and how to keep to the session length in support of you and the client)
    • Clinical notes system (what to put in them, where to put them, how long to keep them)
    • Informed consent procedures (what is in your informed consent and how does the client get it and return it to you to be filed)
  • Your Financial Systems including
    • Fee setting policy
    • Fee collection procedures
    • Fee negotiation (what will you do if a client loses his/her job and asks for a lower fee)
    • Fee increase policy (think this one through carefully – it can actually lose you money if you aren’t careful
    • Cancellation and no-show policy (being consistent here can bring thousands of dollars to your practice and in a clean way that works for both you and your clients)
    • Banking (deposits, bill paying)
    • Payroll (paying yourself and any contractors or employees)
    • Taxes (saving for them all year so you have them when  you need them)
    • Profit planning (Profit is your reward for being a business owner. It is not the same as your wage. You can use profit for emergencies or for bonuses – to yourself or your team.)

And for the first time ever, this coaching program will be offered with Mentor Coach Casey Truffo.

How does this program work?

Therapy Business Essentials will be a 3 month program presented in a multi-media format over a period of 12 weeks:

teachingSix lessons covering the essential systems for your therapy business will be available to you. Every two weeks you will get a new lesson with ideas for systems and samples/templates for you to review and use to create your own systems.



one-on-oneTwice a month we will get together in a conference call  format group-coaching calls twice a month with Casey to ask questions and get support to create your systems – and strengthen your CEO muscles.

This is your time to pick Casey’s brain about your systems and how you can make things easier for you and your business. You can also use it as an accountability call so that you create the systems that you need.

moneyWhile this is not our full “Therapy Business Finances” class, we will take a look at the financial metrics to track so that you understand how to save for taxes and make sure there is profit in your business.

Profit is over and above what you pay yourself as a wage – and is the measure of a successful business that can withstand economic fluctuations.

audioAll group coaching calls will be recorded and in a resources center for you to listen to again and again. You will also find your lessons in the resource center – complete with some templates and ideas for how to document your systems.


As you move through this three month program, you’ll be developing your Therapy Business Operations Manual as well as the mindset and confidence to be the successful CEO your business needs and deserves.

Creating your Operations Manual will take time – there is no doubt about it. In fact, many organizations take up to a year to complete their manual. And then the goal is to improve the systems to create an even better experience for the client, improve profit – and make the business even easier to run. So I cannot promise that your Operations Manual will be completely done in 3 months.

What I can tell you is that during this program you will be designing and documenting important Client Journey systems and Financial systems…and even if you just develop 5 or 8 systems – you are on your way to a much easier-to-run and more profitable business.

Is Therapy Business Essentials Program right for you?

This program is for those service professionals (therapists, coaches, center and group-practice owners) ready to create a business that they can manage with ease and facts.

Not all programs are right for every person. If you have systems, policies and procedures in place that are working  that help you manage your business each month – then you do not need this program.

If you are simply looking to attract more clients, we have other programs that would suit you better.

This program is specifically for those who are tired of running around feeling exhausted by their business – who feel they can’t catch up and get frightened when they don’t understand why certain things are happening in their business. The ideal participant for this program is ready to become the CEO her/his business needs and take the time to shore up the foundation of the business with our knowledge, systems suggestions, and support. Our goal is to share what we have seen work to make running a practice smooth – and help  you stay motivated as you do so for your practice.

Okay, I know you are wondering how much this will be, right? Okay here it is:

The program is a new program; this is the first time we are offering it. We call it a ‘beta’ training course. As a beta program, we will ask for your feedback as we go through the course, so you will be an integral part of what we teach about systems going forward.

The first time we offer a beta program,  it is at the lowest price ever. This means that the tuition for this course is likely to go up if and when we teach the course again. Therefore:

The investment is $197 per month for the duration of the three month program for a total program investment of $591. (Or pay in one payment of $541 and save $50)

(Please note this is not a ‘drop-in, monthly group.’ This group is for those ready to commit to three months of ‘going for it’ and learning what it takes to build the systems to support a financially secure and easy to manage therapy business.)

And if you are wondering about the return on your investment – while I cannot promise anything, of course, because your success is about what you put into it – I can say that the Client Journey systems ought to help you bring in at least $2,000 – without more marketing. Personally this feels like a no-brainer to me.

Please note there are no refunds for this course. We are happy to answer any questions prior to beginning. 

We are committed to providing a quality program that will help you begin to create your operations manual. And we want to make sure this is the right program for you – so if you have questions, please call us at 949-309-2590 or shoot us an email and we’d he happy to help. But once you have committed we are here to help you stay accountable to that goal of developing systems to improve your business. That is why we say ‘no refunds.’ So let us know if you have more questions prior to signing up.

When and Where?
We start March 30 with our first group call (9am Pacific / 12pm noon Eastern) – and all are recorded. You will receive your first video/written lesson the following week.

Group meetings will be held on Mondays at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern from your home or office.
(March 30, April 13, April 27, May 11, May 25, June 8, and June 22)

You Can Do Good Clinical Work…
You Can Market Your Practice Well…
But if you aren’t protecting your business interests, you are running a never-ending race (and will wind up exhausted.)

We would LOVE to have you in this program. We are quite honestly tired of therapists getting burned out with too many things to do and working too many hours with managing their practice. It can be easier. Yes it can.

So, please reserve your seat by registering below.

It might very well be the turning point for your therapy business.

Therapy Business Essentials:
3 months to less overwhelm and more profit for your business
March 30 – June 22, 2015
$197/mo for three months or pay in full ($541) and save $50



Wondering if this program is a good fit for you?

Listen in to a 3 minute audio from Casey or read the audio transcript here.

If you aren’t sure if this is for you or have other questions about it, call us at 949-309-2590 or shoot us an email and we’d he happy to help.

I am very excited about this program and I hope you will join us.

To your success,

Casey, and the team

P.S. I know you will make the right decision for you about this training. But please look at the list of systems that would help your business – and if you don’t have them – please start creating them….before you get tired and burned out. We want your business to be a place of joy – and financial security for you. If you do not have documented systems, then as your therapy business grows, so can the overwhelm. Please make a plan so that doesn’t happen to you.